Is There Any Way To Survive Grade Five? *COMPLETED*

Mira and Ria, are your average ten year olds. When the two move to different provinces, they find out their lives are turned upside-down with their new class. Mira moves to a new school, and Ria is accepted into AcTal, where they find out that those people would change their lives.


6. Friends In A Group


I walked outside, nearly getting trampled. There's a stairway for grades four to eight. Whenever we try to go out for recess, we find ourselves crushing one another.

Fortunately, the grades four to six go out for recess together. The sevens and eights go out for recess at a different time.

"Hey! You're the new girl aren't you?!" A voice called to me.

I turned around. Four unfamiliar girls ran towards me. They weren't in my class, I could tell. But they looked about my age. "Yeah..." I dragged the answer out slowly. I have some serious issues about trusting people with any info about me before I get to know them.

"Cool! I'm Bob!" One of them said. Then she burst into laughter. "So am I!" The others cried.

They were bent over giggling. I frowned. What was so funny about the name, Bob?

Then I slipped away. I ran over to two of my classmates.

"Do you guys know them?" I had noticed they watching me. Maybe they were less psycho. I didn't know their names yet.

The tallest one smiled at me. "Yeah, they're in the other grade five class. Don't mind them. When they get excited they go sort of crazy." She made a cuckoo sign with her hand.

I couldn't help but smile the first smile that had appeared on my face all day.

"Come on, you can hang out with us." The shorter one said. They ran over to the snowy hill on the school grounds. It wasn't as big as Greystone's but still nice.

As I followed them a warm feeling spread through me.

I felt as if I had just made some new friends.

Branlyn was very different from what I was used to, but it was still good.

Maybe I could fit in. If I opened my eyes a bit more.

Maybe grade five wasn't so bad after all. If I accepted the changes with a level head and pure heart.

Maybe, just maybe, with a little help from some friends.

Maybe there was a way to survive grade five...

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