Is There Any Way To Survive Grade Five? *COMPLETED*

Mira and Ria, are your average ten year olds. When the two move to different provinces, they find out their lives are turned upside-down with their new class. Mira moves to a new school, and Ria is accepted into AcTal, where they find out that those people would change their lives.


4. A New School


My heart crashed in my chest. I could hardly breathe. I was so nervous. I was starting a new school. I was at Branlyn Community School. I had never been so nervous before. I was fairly easy to get along with, almost everyone I met liked me.

I shouldn't worry so much. I told myself.

It was huge. Much bigger than Greystone. That's what I hated about it. Greystone was small and cozy. Branlyn was the exact opposite.

"Class, this is Myra." The teacher, Ms. Jozwiak, glanced at me.

"That is how you say your name, right?" Her curly blond hair swayed around her shoulders. I shook my head. "M-EE-RA" I sounded out my name. I was used to this. It happened every year.

Ms. Jozwiak smiled at me, her blue eyes warm. I immediately liked her. I wasn't so sure about the class.

Twenty-one pairs of eyes stared at me. I smiled at them, trying not to look as nervous as I felt. No one smiled back.

My wavy black hair fell into my face. I brushed it out of my brown eyes. "Hey, everyone." I said in a quiet voice.

Usually I can make a new friend in less than a minute. But something told me that this wouldn't happen here.

"Your desk is over there."

Ms. Jozwiak pointed to the front of the room.

A young girl with blond hair styled into a pixie cut and green eyes sat in the desk beside it. She was staring into space, earphones stuck in her ears. Sommer, her nametage said. I trudged to my new desk.

For the rest of the day, I felt pretty lonely.

Nobody talked to me except to say things like "You have a strange name." and "Where do you come from? Your accent's so weird." It was nothing like Greystone.

I hated this place already. I know I shouldn't judge people so fast but I could tell this place was full of snobs. I ignored them all.

Things were pretty normal up until first recess.

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