Waited All My Life

Will Ally meet someone from her past she never forgot about and totally fall for him all over again, will someone come in the way of all that? What will happen? Read to find out. :) Hope you like it, I didn't think my first movella was all that so I created this one.


3. The Movies

Harry's P.O.V.

   What just happened? I had never heard her that mad before! I really messed up, What should I do? A lot of questioned popped in my mind but I quickly went to my car , started it and tried to follow Ally. I'm worried, what if I don't get  her back?? What will I do without her??? I kept thinking and thinking and then I finally found her car and was right behind it. Here I come my love! I quickly followed her to her house with her friends but before she could enter, I grabbed her waist and carried her over to her backyard, I know not the best place but hey, privacy. 

Ally's P.O.V.

   I was going inside when I felt someone take me by the waist and carry me to the backer, whoever it was, was stupid. I turned around to see Harry, well, well, well I thought to myself. I aint giving him another chance! NEVER! He then grabbed my face and kissed me. As his soft lips touched mine and gently kissed me I stood there. I don't care he's not winning me over! He looked at my with sorrow in his eyes and looked like he was about to cry. I wanted to comfort him but I won't. He looked up and said orry about 1,000 times before I said it's ok. He looked at me surprised. "REALLY!?!?" He said he leaned in to kiss me but I stopped him. He looked confused so I spoke up. "I'm not ready to be in a girlfriend, boyfriend relationship with you again. Can we start off as friends?" I asked, A tear rolled down his cheek and thought for a moment.

"Sure." He said and kissed my forehead. We walked in my house, I kept my distance, He still seemed upset. I got to the couch where my friends here sitting looking furious. "We are ONLY friends gain." I said smiling and they were a little relieved but a lot more worried. They knew about his image, he's a flirt, a player, and some people say a cheater. I quickly broke the silence, "Who wanted to watch a movie?" And everyone started looking for a good movie to watch. We decided on something scary....well Harry decided but we all agreed. He put on The Paranormal Activities 4 and we all sat down on one couch. I was sitting next to Harry and on the other side of me was Kim and on her side Sophia. "Let's get this started." Everyone looked at me and had surprised looks on their faces, "I thought you were scared of scary movies?" Harry asked while he squirmed around.

Harry's P.O.V.

   Ally was more excited than ever, it was so cute. We're JUST friends hHarry, JUST! I want her back bad!!! I'm get her back with the help of some boys!!! We were watching and in-between the movie she would hide her face in my chest and scream, I SWORE I FELT ELECTRICITY, I think she felt it to because she got up and whipped her arm and then layer next to her friends. After the movie I invited her to met the boys, she happily agreed and went to go get changed, as for me I was still what I was in from that morning, a black tee with navy blue trousers from aeropostale. She came back down wearing a sundress that flew right to her ankles, it has beach balls all over it in white and the back was yellow. she had flip-flops that were white as well. I realized I was checking her out when she came to me and snapped her finger.  I dazed out and she blushed and then I walked to my car as she approached it, I opened the passenger door and she sat down and thanked me like old times, STOP IT HARRY!

Ally's P.O.V.

   He opened the passenger door and let me sit down I thanked him and he closed the door and then remembered the old times, I shaped out of it when he came over to his side and closed the door. I looked at him and he looked at  me worried. "Are you ok?" He asked, "I'm  fine." Was all I could say and then he still looked worried then started the car. He drove to his and the boys apartment and when he reached out and twisted the key and turned the knob, "THIS PLACE IS HUGE!" I said and he just laughed. He's probably used to having big apartments and houses. "Come, follow me" He took me to the living room where I saw 4 boys sitting and watching Toy Story 3. All eyes were on me and Harry so I felt uncomfortable. "Hey guys, this is my....friend" He chocked up on the last word. Everyone nodded and said Hi in unison. "Hey, I'm Ally" I said waving. They all smiled at me, I have to admit it they're hot. The one with brownish/blond hairs jaw dropped and he stared at me and I felt uncomfortable. I blushed and looked down. I looked up to see all the boys jaw dropped so Harry cleared his throat."Uhh..hmmm" Harry was pretending to clear his throat, everyone but Niall and Liam looked away. Zayn nudged Niall as he stop looking at me and started blushing and looking at the T.V. and Louis nudged Liam and he did the same thing as Niall. Did those boys have feelings for me? I looked at Harry who was glaring at all of them for some reason.

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