Waited All My Life

Will Ally meet someone from her past she never forgot about and totally fall for him all over again, will someone come in the way of all that? What will happen? Read to find out. :) Hope you like it, I didn't think my first movella was all that so I created this one.


2. Someone Surprised, Someone Broken


Ally's P.O.V.

   I stepped out of my house for the first time in a month, it's summer so I didn't miss out on school. Todays the first month of summer and I was in my room alone, it made me think.....think about my friends and family, I wanted a boyfriend but I couldn't have one, everyone hates on me at school besides my best friends; Sophia and Kim. We were all planning on hanging out since Sofia and Kim came back for their short summer trip. We made a plan to go to Nandos, mmmm my favourite restaurant, I go there a lot so thats why people call me fat. I'm not fat, I weigh less then the next girl. I stepped out in a pink with white flowers and white skinny jeans, i don't put make-up on because it feels all icky on my face and my hair gets stuck....eww. I step into my car and I was off. I saw Sophia and Kim already there waiting for me so I hurried before I became more late. I came in and they sprung up like frogs and hugged tightly, I thought I might die..... 

"Owww, stop...... you...... are .....hurting......meh" I barely spoke out, they soon backed away from the hug and I sat down breathing heavily file regaining my breathe back and looked at them when I was done. "You almost killed me!" I said playfully then I heard a voice from behind, "Too bad they didn't" My heart fell when I saw who it was, my bully. My smile faded away and so did Sohpia's and Kim's. "Shut up, I don't care what you think." I spat at her and she looked at me with disgust. "You'll be sorry you said that. What did I just do???? 

"OH. MY. GOD!! GURRL YOU HAD IT IN YOU ALL ALONG." Sophia said, I grinned. If you don't know what she's talking about well let me fill you in, I'm a shy girl so I don't talk much but with my friends I'm a whole different person! "I can't believe I just did that." I whispered and Kim still looked at my shocked. I snapped my fingers in front of her and she came back to reality. I can't wait to go to collage with my friends, then I can get privacy, unlike at home.....people barging in when i'm changing....ugghgggh. The thought gives me goosebumps apparently they saw that I had flinched and asked if everything was ok and I just sighed and said yes, they didn't seem to believe me but they let it slide......for now. My best friends new everything about me, sometimes i'm surprised cause they know more about me than I do! That freaks me out, but whatever.

   We ordered our food and left but then I realized I left my phone on the table when we were talking I better go quick before someone steals it. "Hey guys I left my phone I'm going to go quickly get it" I said and they nodded while getting in the car. I was walking in and I was looking at my table, I found someone sitting there and I couldn't make out who. It was a guy with curly hair but I could tell he had my iPhonee in hand scrolling through my messages, I could tell it's mine because it has an 'A' by where the camera is. I walk up to the guy with rage. "Found anything?" I said in a sassy tone and then the person looked my way and started at me. I didn't look at him back.

   "Ally?!" he said jumping from his chair, he gave me my phone back and I recognized him. Harry . I miss him but after what he did to me before he left, broke my heart. He.......broke up with me. Yes we dated a few weeks but then he broke up with me and left to the x-factor, I could never forgive him but I wanted him back. I had to be strong. I stormed out of the restaurant and with him following behind aI ran to the car. Thank good it was in start. I ran to the drivers seat, no one was sitting there so I just drove away. I saw Harry looking at me with apologetic eyes. I wanted to go up to him and hug him and make him feel better but I couldn't he ripped my heart out and tore it to pieces and left me without saying goodbye. The though of Harry makes me cry. I few teardrops fell into my lap but I ignores them. They girl saw it and asked me what happened I stopped in an empty parking spot and parked the car. Behind me was another car but I didn't pay to much attention I soon pay attention to the girls. "What Happened Ally?" I cried into Kim's shoulder.

   "H-he was t-t-there." They instantly knew who I was talking about and shock expressions on their faces. They knew about me and Harry and I swear if I go crawling back to him I wouldn't have best friends anymore, that's what they said. I hear a knock on my window and I looked and saw.....Harry. He wanted me to open the door or window but I ignored him. I looked to my friends and they said to talk to him. "Fine." I said. I got out of the car to be greeted with a hug. I didn't bother hug back, I was too hurt. He pulled from the hug and looked hurt and I wanted to comfort him but then I remembered what he did to me. He started talking....no! "I-I can't believe it's you." I didn't reply and he started, "Look i'm sorry, I didn't know why I broke up with you and left. I was stupid, I ruined our friendship." I stood there and finally opened my mouth to say something. "iF YOU KNEW YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU COME BACK AND SAY SORRY, WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY GOODBYE!!!!" I yelled to him and he was surprised his mouth an 'o' shape. I left him standing there and drives away.

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