Waited All My Life

Will Ally meet someone from her past she never forgot about and totally fall for him all over again, will someone come in the way of all that? What will happen? Read to find out. :) Hope you like it, I didn't think my first movella was all that so I created this one.


1. Introduction


   Hi i'm Ally and I love music. I get bullied at school, but if weren't for my best friends I would've been dead by now but I kin of wanted to die. I HATE school especially since Harry left, Harry was my best friend EVER, then he went to audition for the ex-factor and I haven't seen him since but everything in school reminded me of him. We met in pre-school here in Homes Chapel. He would come visit but I wash''t really there when he did, I was always upset since he left. That's actually how I started getting bullied. He left I had been sadder than ever and bullies started taking advantage of that and they got the best of me , now it turned into a daily thing. I wish Harry comes back. I have light brown hair that flows to my back, I have long hair but not really long hair, I cut it after Harry left 'cause I was depressed. My height is 5'4 and my weight, let's just say I can get squished easily. I weigh 72 pounds. I am 18 and my birthday's February 1st, yes Harry Styles Birthday just another reason for me to be upset on my birthday. Now that I've caught you up let's go in the present time.







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