Styles for granted

Julia was an average girl who had dreams. She was in love with the boy band one direction. She was never popular even though she had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always alone because her parents were always fighting and bickering. Until she meets the guy of her dreams. Will the love work Out? Or no? (HARRY STYLES FAN FICTION)


8. Telling the fantasy!

Harry dropped me off in front of the hospital and we kissed. It was like sparks were flying and bombs were dropping with love and passion.  I started to walk to the hospital and i was dreaming and replaying that moment over and over. Now i was in the security line and i got the okay to go in.   I started to walk to my moms room and I walked into the room reading 50 shades of grey-MOM!!!! She jumped>  


OMG OMG OMG   you will never believed what happened!

It was amazing!! ! here ill tell you brace yourself!!! 


* Flash Back telling mom the story*

Well he picked me up and said it was a SURPRISE and he took me to the beach. Then he took me to a table in the sand and had a romantic candle lit dinner on the beach. Then all the other boys were there and served us our food and of course Louis was wereing a moustache. Then they gave us our food and went away. We talked and played a game. Then desert came and Louis was wering his moustache and in a superman costume and showed us the desert and left. Then when we finished and went to his house and watched well part of  the movie Love actually and fell asleep on his shoulder. Then i woke up and we started to walk tv today and he challenged me and we both fell on the floor and kissed. Then we got up and he drove me here then and we kissed for 10 seconds then we had so many sparks!!!



A/n:    ill will update soon and sorry it was short at friends house   xx julia

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