Styles for granted

Julia was an average girl who had dreams. She was in love with the boy band one direction. She was never popular even though she had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always alone because her parents were always fighting and bickering. Until she meets the guy of her dreams. Will the love work Out? Or no? (HARRY STYLES FAN FICTION)


25. Surgery (Victoria)

Julia's P.O.V

Victoria was just wheeled into surgery. I am really nervous! She is my bestie! I hope she is okay?? And she will make out fresh as new!

Harry: She will make it out fine, she is strong.


Niall's P.O.V

Holy Crap , I hope she will be good as new!!!

Julia: She will be good as new she is strong! Niall, she wants you to pray for good luck not worry.

Okay, pray for good !!!  Irish good!! Bingo

Thank you Julia!


Operator (Doctor performing surgery)

Hold on, moving jaw over , Successful

We need to get a cast on her foot because it is bent another direction

Okay pass me the roll and the cybro palsamict . Okay im about to put it on.  

20 minutes later**


Now it is time for the hand to be fixed.

Grab me the cybro plasmaict and rap it around her hand.




'Surgery Complete*

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