Styles for granted

Julia was an average girl who had dreams. She was in love with the boy band one direction. She was never popular even though she had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always alone because her parents were always fighting and bickering. Until she meets the guy of her dreams. Will the love work Out? Or no? (HARRY STYLES FAN FICTION)


10. Party Rocking

 20  minutes ago.                                                        We were in the restaurant  when Harry asked me to be his GIRLFRIEND. Inside i wanted to scream and shout. I was blushing and inside I was going Fan Girl and i immidiatly said YES. Now that was embarrassing and everyone was laughing but Harry thought it was cute. 



 We were all eating when this drunk guy came up to me and started to mess around with me when Harry was in the bathroom. I tried pushed him off but he won, then.... Harry came out and saw the guy and I was struggling with the whole gang to get him off me so Harry walked to the guy and told him to get off but he did not listen so Harry ripped the guy off bye his collar of his shirt and threw him on the ground and walked to me and sat with no regards of what he just did and asked "if i was okay"?      Yes I am okay and thank you for prying him off of me.       Whatever for my princess! He said with a grin on his face.     SO  now i am eating and the guy gets up off the ground and tries to swing at Harry but Harry caught his arm and took his free hand and pushed him back down. This time he left. So again we started to eat and Niall stole half of my food and smiled with all the food in his mouth!  GROSS NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave him a slap on the arm. Then Harry gave me a kiss on the cheek and said " would you like to go to a club with us a little later at  9?  "yes, yes i would"

Okay then! he gave me a childish voice that sounded like "Bam Bam"  from the flinstones! I could not resist laughing!

1 Hour later.

We were driving home when Harry dropped me off at my house and told me to put a party dress on SO i ran inside and put on my fav. party dress on and ran back out to the car and hopped in.


20 minutes later

We arrived at the club and we got escorted to V.I.P and we started to party, then...One direction turned on  and it was there new single "Party til forever". ( this is not a real song) . And harry pulled me by the waist and pulled me to dance and rock out .

I was rocking out when this guy came up and surprised me with a spin around... IT was Niall,  he was surprisingly not drunk.   

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