Styles for granted

Julia was an average girl who had dreams. She was in love with the boy band one direction. She was never popular even though she had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always alone because her parents were always fighting and bickering. Until she meets the guy of her dreams. Will the love work Out? Or no? (HARRY STYLES FAN FICTION)


2. Back to School.. GREAT!


It was 6 in the morning and i was getting ready for school. During the time of getting ready i was thinking about why my dad would do that, for years he would never even hurt a fly, but now he changed.       **                  Now it was 6;30 in the morning  and i am going out to walk to the bus and I see my best bud lex at the corner. I walked up and hugged her and she squealed cause she was not here this summer she was in Yemen. She was so happy to see me but she had a question that was unusual that no one knew about. 

She asked " what happened to your mom and dad,i heard your mom was in the hospital?" 

I responded " my dad went all nuts and attacked her and me, that's why i have this bandage on my wrist and a bruise on my face." 

She never responded but a slight sigh about what happened. 

 Then the bus arrived and we got on and we were in the school in 10 minutes. 

When we were in school a lot of people i knew came up and said there HI'S and how ya doings?   


 It was during 4th period when my problems began that i feared... being bullied by Lila and her gang of girls. 

I was doing my work when a note hit my head along with a eraser.  

The note said....

  Hey i heard about you and your mother and that your dad is in prison. Wow i thought you and your little family could'nt get any weirder but i guess i was wrong. Later loser..  P.S  i cant believe of how much a slut you are!!!! 

                                                 love,   always  Lila and the gang.


WHEN i saw the note about the father thing i got a little worried.  I was asking myself could this get any worse? With just my luck i was bullied the rest of the day and got touched in ways not appropriate and being HARASSED. GREAT!!!!!    What the luck.  


It has been a week since school started and it is getting even worse, i am being called names and things have been happening. Like being touched harassed and bullied.      I was tempting to cut my self but my best friend stopped me lex.   I hate my life  so far..


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