Styles for granted

Julia was an average girl who had dreams. She was in love with the boy band one direction. She was never popular even though she had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. She was always alone because her parents were always fighting and bickering. Until she meets the guy of her dreams. Will the love work Out? Or no? (HARRY STYLES FAN FICTION)


1. All Alone and Pain




  I was all alone upstairs when i heard a slam of the door down stairs. Then i hear the fighting of my Parents.  HERE WE GO AGAIN. I thought in my head.    Then i heard a sudden screaming and bickering mixture of words... so then i do what i normally do put in my earphones and listen to ONE DIRECTION.  (my favorite band in the world.)


"AHH"  I here from downs stairs my mother screams. 

So i start running down stairs and there my mother is on the ground with bruises and bumps. Then my father comes up behind me and tries to attack me. When his arms were around me and hurting me i unleashed my weapon.... It was karate , i have been taking in since i was 5 and (remember i'm 17) i'm a black belt  , but my father never knew because he was never involved within my life. SO then i heel stomped him and did a calf up which is when you pick your leg up and swing it back up to hit them in the balls or crotch. 

So he fell to the ground and i ran to my mom who was on the ground sobbing in pain... Then she blacked out.



 I was in the hospital room when my mom woke up to the beeping noises of the heart rate machine. She was looking drowsy and clammy. She was looking at me and her eyes widened and asked/

What happened to you you have a bruise on your face and a wrap on your wrist?

me; Oh dad attacked you and beat you and then i protected you and he bend my wrist and sprained it and he punched me in the face. But i got him for you and he is in jail now.

mom; good i am sorry i was not there to help.

It is ok.

The doctor came in and said mom needed surgery for her ribs cause he bledged her rib in to her lung so they need to pull it back out. So i went to my flat because the maid was done cleaning my house.( that is why i was at moms.)


I was got home 10 minutes ago and i'm alone and have a lot of pain.


A/n: all of this is fake the father abuse thing is completely fake i made up everything..  xx julia

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