Under the Love Spell

Jo has been talking so some guy over the Internet and she really likes him. She believes he is the sweetest guy ever! What will she do when she finds out who she was talking to? What would you do in the position?
Note: this story is told from Jo's point of view


5. Tickets

This morning was terrible! I woke late for school so the bus was already gone and my mom had to drive me to school. I don't know what is more embarrassing than that! My face was red as I got out of the car and slowly walked to class. I already get bullied at school so today was hell for me since I came to school in my moms car! I was already in a bad mood so when the biggest bitch came up to me I knew it wasn't gonna end very good!

"Hey Jo! How was the sweet 16?" she said

"Since when did you care about a damn thing I did?" I snapped back

"You don't need to get angry with me I was just wondering how the slut's big day was!" She said shocked

I jumped on her screaming! Pulling her hair and around me I heard people betting on who would win. I grabbed her hand and I twisted it backwards and I heard it pop. When it popped all heard was her screaming and crying even louder! After I had her pinned for about 10 minutes a teacher came and separated us. Of course since she was the popular one and everyone liked her and everyone wanted to be like her she just got a trip to the nurse's office and I'm the one that got suspended from school and got sent home immediately! That just pissed me off even more!

"What happened?" my mom asked me

"I just have had a bad day today and when she came up to me and started talking crap to me I just kinda lost I!" I yelled frustrated

"Well you were raised to not fight especially in school!" my mom yelled.  "I don't want to do this but I think I have no choice!"

"Do what?" I said

"Take your phone away and your tickets away." she said sadly

"No! You cant!" I yelled while tears were falling down my face

"Watch me!" and she held out her hand for my phone and I had no other choice but to give it to her. I closed my eyes and started crying quietly to myself. I heard her footsteps going up the stairs and I knew she was going in my room to get my ticket and my laptop.

"No way to talk to Noah" I said quietly to myself. It seems like this is the time that I need him the most and I have to way to talk to him. I walked to my room and I opened up my dresser drawer and pulled out a knife. I used to cut myself a long time ago when I was really depressed. But I think that I might as well start now since I have no point in life! I took the knife in my left hand and I held it against my right hand, deciding on weather on not I should do this. I pushed harder on it and blood started running down on to the floor a little at a time. I winced in pain as I pushed the knife farther into my rist.

"What's going on up there?" My mom yelled from down stairs

"Nothing!!" I yelled back

The next thing I knew was my door opening with my mom in the doorway. 

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