Under the Love Spell

Jo has been talking so some guy over the Internet and she really likes him. She believes he is the sweetest guy ever! What will she do when she finds out who she was talking to? What would you do in the position?
Note: this story is told from Jo's point of view


7. The next day

I woke up with my mom in my room shaking the bed trying to wake me up.

"What?" I said

"You need to get up for your appointment with Dr. Mercer!" She yelled

I didn't want to go but I didn't have any choice. Mom already had my clothes out for me like I was a five year old. She left the room for me to get dressed. I got up, went into my bathroom and started brushing my teeth. When I was finished I got my clothes on and brushed my hair. My mom came back into my room to make sure I was getting ready and not trying to commit suicide. When I was finished I went downstairs and ate breakfast and we left. Mom pulled up to the place and told to be sophisticated. I was slightly offended by that but I decided not to say anything about it. We walked into the waiting room and found a seat and waited until Dr. Mercer came out. He looked about in his 40's and he had tan skin and brown hair. He greeted me with a smile and leaded my mom and I to a small room.

"Rita, may you please leave so Jo and I can talk?" Dr. Mercer said to my mom

"Yeah, that's fine." My mom said

When the left the room Dr. Mercer told me to sit on the couch and tell him my feelings about the girl  I fought with. I thought that it was a stupid question because I probably fought her for a reason! That reason might be because we didn't like each other!

"I don't really like her and she doesn't really like me either." I said

"Why don't you like her?" He asked me

"She just, she bullies me and tells everybody not to like me and they listen to her." I replied

"Do you know why she doesn't want anybody to like you?" He said

"Nope and that's what makes it so bad for me if I just knew I could change that and maybe then I would have more than just three friends" I said

Then he went to a entirely different subject and guess what it was. Me cutting myself and from what my mom told him trying to kill myself.

"Was that your first time cutting yourself" He asked me

"Honestly, no it wasn't but the last time I cut myself before that was like two years!" I replied

"Why did you cut yourself?" He said

"Same reason as any other teenager that is or has cut their selves-family, friends, school, and parents." I said quietly

"Is it true that you tried to kill your self?"

"No, but it probably looked like that to mom." I replied  "After my mom saw that I was cutting myself, she cried and cried and it made me feel really bad and I never want to do it again!" I said with sincerity in my words

"Well then we have nothing else to talk about, you can leave and if you ever do cut yourself again and I find out, I will have an appointment with you everyday!" he said warning me

I walked out glad that I didn't have to answer any more questions and my mom asked how it went. I told her that he said that I didn't have to go back and that I was fine.

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