Under the Love Spell

Jo has been talking so some guy over the Internet and she really likes him. She believes he is the sweetest guy ever! What will she do when she finds out who she was talking to? What would you do in the position?
Note: this story is told from Jo's point of view


4. Sweet 16!

I can't believe that I forgot my own birthday! I guess since I was talking to Noah so much that I just lost track of time! I woke up to my family in my room with a birthday cake singing happy birthday to me! All of my family and friends came over and spent the day at my house. I got mostly clothes but I think my favorite present was Noah wishing me a happy birthday! We didn't talk as long as we usually do. I decided that it was time for me to tell Renee and Scotty about Noah! I told them before Noah message me today  so when they saw me texting they inferred that it was him.

"Is that him now?" Renee said

"Yeah" I replied smiling "He told me earlier this week that he really wanted to meet me and that when we did meet he wanted to be more than friends"

"Awwwww....." all three of them said it at the same time

"How long have you been talking to him?" Scotty said

I had to think...we started talking in November and it was February. "About 3 months now" I said

"Do you know when your going to meet?" Scotty replied

"No not really he told me that he lives in California!" I said   We live really far from California! We live in North Carolina and I wouldn't know how we would meet even if we did plan to!

"oh" Savannah said (Scotty)

"Jo!!!" my parents yelled for me downstairs "I'll be back" I told my friends

"ok" they all said

I noticed that everybody had left and I was slightly happy that they did! They always do the same thing every year! They come tell my how much I've grown and then they go off and gossip with my mom about the rest of the family.

"Tell your friends that dinner will be ready in 30 minutes" my mom said

"ok I'll tell them! Anything else?" I said

"No" she replied

I ran back up the stairs and I heard Marie say "Should we give it to her now?"

I was curious so I just stood there and listened to what they were saying.

"Yeah I think we should" Renee said

I walked in because I couldn't stand the suspense

All three of them stood up and gave me one big hug. Then Marie handed me a envelop.

"What is this?" I asked

"Your birthday present from all of us!" Marie said

I opened it up and saw that it was four tickets to a Maroon 5 concert in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Oh my gosh guys!!!! This is the best thing anyone has ever gotten me before!!!" It was the truth!! I love Maroon 5 especially Adam Levine!! I mean who doesn't?

"I talked to your parents about letting just the 4 of us to go and they said that is was fine but they will keep checking in on us!" Marie said

I still couldn't believe it!! The concert was March 27!

"Thanks so much you guys! We are gonna have so much fun together!"

"Yes we are" they all said.




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