Under the Love Spell

Jo has been talking so some guy over the Internet and she really likes him. She believes he is the sweetest guy ever! What will she do when she finds out who she was talking to? What would you do in the position?
Note: this story is told from Jo's point of view


6. Dr. Mercer

For the next hour and a half all I heard was my mom crying and yelling at me! When she saw what I was doing when she opened the door, she ran to my bathroom to go and get a towel for my rist. It was bleeding really bad! It's never bleed this much before so I freaked out because I didn't know what to do. But luckily, my mom is a doctor so she knew what to do. When everything was ok my mom sat down beside me and we just sat there together until finally my mom broke the silence.

"Why were you doing that?" she whispered

"I feel like I don't belong anywhere" I said

"I don't know why you feel that way? You have Marie, Scotty, and Renee." she said

"They aren't around me all the time and when they aren't I get bullied by the popular kids at my school!" I yelled while I was walking up to my room. I was on my way back down the stairs about 30 minutes later and I heard my mom on the phone. I listened quietly.

"Yes, tomorrow would be great" She said almost happy like. "Oh, yes her name is Jo"    "12:30 will be great see you tomorrow doctor Mercer!"

I walked down the stairs and asked her who was doctor Mercer and she said my cycatrist.

"My cycatrist?!" I yelled at her

"Yes, you need one because I don't want you to get too depressed and end up killing your self!" She said

Killing myself....the word kept repeating in my head! I cant believe that she would even think that I was doing that! But now that I think about it.....that's what it probably looked like. Cutting was just a stress reliever for me I would never kill myself! But she doesn't know that.

I went to bed thinking about Noah, when will I meet him. Where and how will we finally get to see each other in person or at all? I really missed not being able to talk to him especially in a time like this, when I needed him the most! But even if I was able to talk to him now, what would I say? I really trust him but I don't want him to know about Dr. Mercer and me cutting myself. I think that that's something that should be private. Just me knowing. Not everyone that is in my life! But it's too late to try to change things it has already happened. Now I regret me taking that knife out but when I think about it, I feel like I did what any other teenager in my position would do. Finally I drifted off thinking about what Noah looked like and wondering if he was as nice in real life as he is over the internet.


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