Under the Love Spell

Jo has been talking so some guy over the Internet and she really likes him. She believes he is the sweetest guy ever! What will she do when she finds out who she was talking to? What would you do in the position?
Note: this story is told from Jo's point of view


1. Boys!!!

I was furious as I ran into my room, slammed my door shut, and started pouring my eyes out. My boyfriend, um...now I guess my ex-boyfriend just broke up with me because he needed space. I don't really understand what that means. I sat up, looked in my mirror and saw the lines of mascara flood down my face. Then I thought to myself-maybe he's on! I jumped up and dove for my laptop and prayed he was online. Luckily, he was I send him a message explaining what happened with me and Thayer. He was fast at responding to my message as if he was waiting for me to get online! He said "thats so sad!! :( He's missing out! He doesn't know how beautiful you are on the inside and out!!". That made me blush and it made me love him even more! The sad part is that he doesn't know that I do. I want to come out and tell him but its i guess kinda weird for me to have say something like that to someone I haven't even met in person! Or even seen a pic of! I got up and went into my bathroom and washed the smeared makeup off of my face when suddenly I heard my laptop "ding". I ran into my room to see what the notification was and saw that it was him. His profile name was a_noah_l. I called him Noah. The notification was him sending a message saying "Elizabeth broke up with me". I tried to think about what to put, but everything that I thought of can be summed up to what he put and I didn't want to copy him. Instead I put "do you know why?". I waited,waited, and then finally he replied and said that the reason Elizabeth broke up with him is because she saw us chatting online and she thought he was cheating on her. I didn't know what to say once again. Then I said "well did you try to explain to her that we aren't dating and we haven't even met in real life?" He didn't answer my question. I pondered about what he would be doing right now. I finally decided that I might as well forget about him. So I put on maroon 5 and listened to only their depressing songs. Them I tried to think what would my life be like if I was one of those lucky girls that can say that they dated Adam Levine. He isn't dating anyone now, but why get my hopes up for something that will never happen? I decided that its time for me to go to bed since I have school tomorrow. I hate school I only have three good friends there and the rest of the school bullies me. I just ignore them and having only three friends is better than having none at all.
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