my one and only

Ashley is a normal girl well kind of most girls don't like her because she has the guy ever one wants but the tragedy strikes and she might lose someone that she loves with every piece of her heart


3. this cant be true

we got out of the interview and we got outside and all of the directioners are congratulating us but there were some bad ones but I ignored it because I cant feel down because I am going to be Mrs Horan we got into nialls land rover and we were going to go to our special dinner we stopped at a crossing and their was a family and niall looked at me and took my hand and said that will be use one day and smiled and said yea . we got there and it look like an old white warehouse we got in side and got a table and the waiter came over and said " hi I  am Anna and I am your waitress for the night would you like some drinks " yeah can I please have a pint and what would you like Ashley umm can I have a vodka on the sunrise please ok I will be back in a minuet " me and niall were talking quietly suddenly some one said there is a underground robbery if any one moves they will be they will be under ground there were two robbers I was freaking out really badly and niall can see it so he took my hand and whispered "it will be alright " one of the robbers must of heard and came over and screamed " I thought I said don't bloody talk" and pointed a gun at nialls head and he said " stand up ' so we did what he said I was crying niall whispered " its alright " the robber said " shut up " and suddenly I heard a gun and I started to cry harder and the 2nd robber said " what did you did that for " I opened my eyes and I could I see is bloody and the 1st robber ran and the 2nd called the ambulance and tried to calm me          

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