my one and only

Ashley is a normal girl well kind of most girls don't like her because she has the guy ever one wants but the tragedy strikes and she might lose someone that she loves with every piece of her heart


5. the wedding

I woke up and I was back in my room and the boy are standing near my bed the first thing I heard was Louis " Ashley your not dead "I  am not dead silly " harry went to go get the nurse Zayn came up to me are you alright yeah Zayn how is niall a smiled appeared on all of there faces Ashley you have the magical kiss when you kissed him his heart restarted he should actually should be here any minuet the nurse came in to see if I was perfect and behind her was niall " niall I nearly screamed " hi beautiful he had a bunch of roses and a box of chocolates in his hands and he was in a hospital clothes and did still looked hot in them "can you please get her ready now what's happening we are getting married I have called your family my family the priest go have a shower and today you are going to be Mrs horan 

Ashley's pvo

I am getting married in hospital to niall horan but ill do anything for him I have gotten ready and I am walking down the aisle with my dad in a dress my mum brought me and niall is wearing suite and I get there and niall holds my hand you look stunning you don't look bad you self " we are gathered here today for the wedding of niall Horan and Ashley White Ashley White will you promise to be there for each other through rich and poor health and sickness I do niall Horan do you promise that you will be there for Ashley through rich and poor health and sickness you may kiss the bride after the ceremony and every one has left we get our stuff and we sign papers and get our meds we walk out of the hospital as a married and now I think that was one of the weirdest places a couple has being married                

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