my one and only

Ashley is a normal girl well kind of most girls don't like her because she has the guy ever one wants but the tragedy strikes and she might lose someone that she loves with every piece of her heart


4. the hospital

I ran out of the building and ran out into the street and screamed out on the top of my lungs harry help and I fainted

Harrys pvo

I ran up to a man and saw an ambulance that was out front of the dinner place   that niall and Ashley was in I found a man and asked what happened apparently a boy got shot and a girl fainted I didn't take any chances I asked the man for directions for the hospital I ran in and asked if there was any one named Niall and Ashley and it was them I went to called the boys they were here with in about 5 minuets we asked if we cold see them but we could only see Ashley . but they doctors took us in to a room and said we need to talk so we went in and all sat down and the doctor said " well Ashley is fine but she is on some meds cause fainted and well niall is in surgery cause he got a bullet in his head and we don't know if he can  make it but the surgery is very intense cause we have to try and take the bullet out with out damaging his brain umm that's all I really have to say we will get you can got see niall but you can go see Ashley now she's in room 211 here I will take you" we walk into the room and sit there  


it has been 5 days and Ashley hasn't woken up yet so we all decided we need to go for a walk we go to the cafeteria and have a walk outside

Ashley's pvo

It was black but I heard voices it sounded like the boys my eyes opened a bit and I shut them and but opened them again to adjust to the light and the boy were on seats in a circle not face in me I move just a bit to make them to notice that I am awake they all ran over to me and Zayn went to go get a nurse and I ask were am I and they said I was in the hospital and I remembered what happened and in my head thoughts were going through my head niall, blood, proposed, robbery. Zayn can running in all the nurses and doctors are running to nialls room they all got up and ran to nialls room I tried to get up but Liam pushed my should you need to rest.

once I knew they were gone I got up and I heard zayn say room 301 so I went there the boys are standing at the back of the room crying I walk in and the doctors are screaming " clear 30 , Clear 100 , clear 150 . I ran up to his bed crying and held his hand and kissed his forehead and collapsed on the floor        

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