my one and only

Ashley is a normal girl well kind of most girls don't like her because she has the guy ever one wants but the tragedy strikes and she might lose someone that she loves with every piece of her heart


1. the interview

I woke up this morning and nialls arms wrapped around my waist I couldn't move and I really need to go to the bathroom "niall wake up niall wake up " I whispered in his ear and he still wouldn't wake up he is a really heavy sleeper this morning. so I kissed down his jaw line and his eyes fluttered on " good morning beautiful " good morning niall " I'm just going to go to the bathroom" ok but come straight back because I cant sleep with out you and I need to sleep" I go to the toilet and I wash my face and I walk in to the bedroom and niall is spread across the bed asleep .so I go and make a coffee and I hear foot steps and then these to strong arms wrap around my waist and niall whispers in my ear " you didn't what for me now make me a coffee cause in grumpy Ashley " I know you are niall". he just toddles up the stares "oh Ashley ware something nice cause we are going out to dinner after the interview " ok " I get dressed in to this wow Ashley you look amazing you do yourself 

     come on we have to get going we got there and we had to go around the back I got out of the car and the girls are screaming on to of their lungs " niall how do you live with this " " ha-ha I learnt to " we got in side and the interview greeted all the boy and they are asking questions and the interviewer said " we are going to play a little game you have to write a letter to some one you love and we are going to read it out you have one minuet to write it in about 50 seconds niall have written about half a page and when the interviewer said stop the but niall didn't stop he just went on after about

10 seconds the interviewer took it off him "niall I guess this is for you girlfriend Ashley " yes it is " we will read yours first " wait can I have her come in so I can say something to her " yea so I walk in and he gets off his chair and says " sit down princess I sit on the chair and he gets some thing out of his pocket and pulled the microphone closer and said " roses are red violets are blue my last name is horan and yours will be soon Ashley Kay white will you marry me " yes niall a million times yes





















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