Anchored My Heart (1SHOT41D)

A one shot about a girl who meets her favorite band in the whole entire world and gets to spend Valentine's Day with the one she's in love with. But here's the catch, she doesn't meet them in some regular way, it's pretty special to her. So what happens? What's so special about it? Well, why don't you read and find out?


1. One Shot.

     "Close the door," I silently whispered into the silence of my dark room. "Turn the key. Don't want to be reminded, don't want to be seen. Don't want to be without you. My judgement's clouded, like tonight's sky..." Tears slowly slid out of my eyes, down the sides of my face towards my ears, then soaked the bed with their touch. 

     It was only two in the morning and it was Valentine's Day. Why was I crying one might ask? I was crying because I was sick and tired of having no one to love, no one to call my own. Sure, I was only sixteen, but that doesn't mean sixteen year-old teens didn't know what love was. Love isn't something that should be labeled for adults, because I was pretty sure people felt love since they were children. It's something every human being need. Something everyone and everything needs to survive. 

     Right then, I needed love. There was no love for me though, so I was dying.

I'm not talking about the intense kind of love that might end a teenager into trouble, but the love just shared by two people. Genuine love. 

     I'm often reminded by people that my family loves me, and of course I love them back. To be honest though, I did't feel loved by them. I felt like I was just there for their benefit, like to do chores and stuff. They never supported me in anything and never had interest in me. Sure, we had some great times, had great memories, but that was when I was just a child. Those were the days when I actually felt loved by my family. Those were days I dreamed to relive.

     But I could never get that chance again. Ever since I started high school and discovered One Direction, my world was flipped  upside. My mother would taunt me and tell me I would never meet them. My father, who was the closest to me, wouldn't speak to me so much anymore. My brother would also do the same things my mother did, but he would also try and destroy anything the had to do with One Direction that was in my possession. They used to be so sweet and loving towards me, but One Direction ruined that for me.

     I'm expected to hate One Direction, right? Well I could never hate them. They saved me through such rough times, but that's not something I would feel comfortable sharing to anyone. Let me just say that before my parents turned away from me, I wasn't the happiest person in middle school. 

     My body was sprawled on top of my made bed. My eyes were staring at the ceiling above me, fuzzy black dots clouded my vision. Slowly, I felt my eyelids close and my body relaxed. 

- - - - -

     There was a loud buzzing and my eyes flew open. I felt around my body, noticing that I was still in my jeans and Batman t-shirt from the day before. Shuffling my phone out of my pocket, I sighed with relief. It was my alarm for school. That meant it was five in the morning. I let out a heavy sigh as I remembered what day it was. Valentine's Day. 

     I scrambled out of bed and opened the door to my room. Everyone was still asleep because they didn't have to go to school. This information also meant I could take a shower. I felt like I needed a shower because I was crying a lot just some hours ago. So that's exactly what I did, I took a shower.

     Feeling refreshed and a bit more relaxed, I walked back into my room, just in my towel and undergarments  and started shaking my brown hair that reached to the middle of back. I decided to let it dry to it's naturally some-what wavy state. This process sometimes bothered me, especially if it was hot. Even though it was almost spring, it was cold outside, so that meant the house was nice and toasty. Not a great thing for my hair, but I didn't really care at that moment. I stood in front of my dresser which had a mirror and ran my brush through my wet hair. It became flat and smoothed out. I took my hand and ruffled through it. I then pulled open on of the drawers and slipped on a pair of navy blue sailor shorts with black tights underneath. I also slipped on a short-sleeved white sailor shirt with navy blue trimming and a red bow. I looked myself in the mirror and kind of felt adorable. I only wore that outfit because my best friend Kiley asked me to, I don't know why.

     I stared at myself in the mirror until I turned my head towards my window when I thought I heard someone call out my name. A shiver went down my back and I shrugged the thought off, turning back to the mirror. A weird feeling came over me and I decided to wear my prescription lenses for that day, instead of my glasses. Whenever I wore lenses, I felt pretty, because my dumb glasses were off. I applied some mascara to just my top lashes. I wasn't very fond of makeup, but I didn't hate it. 

     The clock on my phone said that it was almost seven. Wanting some breakfast, I slid on a pair of long, warm, white socks, and slipped my covered feet into a pair of high-top navy blue Converse sneakers. Feeling quite peckish, I grabbed my pink Jansport backpack and head down to the kitchen. My mother was there, sipping at a cup of coffee, looking half asleep. "Good morning," I quietly said to her. She offered me a small smile, then handed me my lunch. "Thanks," I said, just as she walked out of the kitchen. I prepared myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and ate it with a glass of milk. 

     My phone said that it was seven thirty. That meant I needed to be out of the house and start walking to school. I sighed as I walked out into the cold, wishing I had brought a jacket with me. I started walking down the street when I saw some bushed nearby move. I freaked out a little and started walking faster. "Psst," I heard. I was too scared to turn around, so I kept walking. "Psst, Yasamina!" I couldn't have freaked out more upon hearing my name. I had to turn around and see who it was. Just as I did, something dark engulfed my head. I was trapped in total darkness.

     I was kicked and fighting for my life. I would have screamed by the only noises coming out of my mouth sounded choked and full of fear. Before I knew it, I was tossed over someones shoulder and placed gently into I wasn't sure until I heard it turn on. I had started whimpering for a long time, not wanting to cry. I didn't want to show my kidnappers I was weak, and I also didn't want to get mascara in my eye. That's the worst when that happens  especially if you're in a situation where your hands are being held by really big, strong hands.  

     "Can you remove that thing off her head already?" I heard a very familiar female voice call out. Within seconds, my eyes are blinded by sunlight. I flinched from its impact against my eyes, but slowly opened them to adjust themselves. Sitting in front of me was none other than my best friend Kiley. I gasped and she gave me a small smile and a wave. I was so confused. "I bet you're confused," she said. She knew me so well. "Don't freak out. Let me explain."

     "Explain what?" I asked, still very confused, but excited at what she had to say. I noticed that we must have been in a limo because she was in front of me and there was a spacious floor between us.

     "Well... I've been getting quite fed up with your moping over not having a boyfriend and stuff along that line," Kiley stated. I frowned. "Oh, it just upset me to see you like that! Don't take it the other way! Anyways, so I kind of set up a date for you...with..."

     "Oh my goodness is it with some hot guy from school?" I gasped excitedly. "Oh wait... How come we aren't in school?"

     "It is with some hot guy, but not from school," Kiley giggled. I wanted to to jump at her and make her spit it out. She was going to torture me slowly until I could guess it. "I got my parent to talk to school for this." 

     "This proves how awesome your parents are," I smiled. Her parents were totally awesome, so was her little sister. To me though, Kiley was the most awesome one. "And he doesn't go to our school? Okay I'm going to trust you that he's not a creeper." Kiley fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. She was wearing the exact same outfit as me except without the tights. Her dark brown hair that had orange streaks in part of it fell over her shoulders in beautiful curly beach waves. Her brown eyes had a beautiful shine to them, wishing my brown eyes were like that. Mine had a reddish tint in them though. The only makeup she wore was mascara and maybe just a bit of lip gloss. I wished I had wore some. At least there was some chapstick in my backpack. If only these hands would release mine. "Hey can you..." I was saying to the guy who was holding me in his lap, holding my hands, but stopped myself upon realizing who it was. "H-H-H-"

     "Harry Styles," he said, letting go of my hands and holding one of his out to shake mine. My jaw dropped a bit, but I took it, stunned. I was shaking Harry Styles' hand. He was from One Direction. I was sitting on his lap. I noticed another face next to his that belonged to none other than Liam Payne. He gave me a small smile and a little wave. I turned around to face the beautiful brown eyes that belonged to Zayn Malik. He gave me a small smirk before getting up to sit next to Kiley. Knowing that Kiley had a major crush on Zayn, I mentally went 'awwwwwww,' before noticing Louis Tomlinson give me a head nod. That's when I lost it.

     "HOLY POO POO!" I cried out. I received chuckles and giggles from everyone. "This is not funny guys! This is some serious stuff!" I was around four out of five guys that I loved so much. "Wait...where is Niall?" I had a major crush on the Irish blonde of the band Niall Horan, and Kiley knew this information quite well. So where was he? "Oh gosh... don't tell me..."

     "Oh look! We're here," Liam cried out happily looking out the window. The limo came to a stop and we started filing out. 

     "You know, you can get up now, unless you want to stay," Harry chuckled. I could feel my face burn up. My body jolted of his.

     "I'm sorry!" I cried out before jumping out of the car. I could hear him laughing behind me as he got out. "Wow," I gasped, taking in the view. We were at a beach, that was clear of people. It had beautiful trees and plants around it, giving off a tropical effect. The sun was out, with only a cloud here and there. It's sunshine was warm against my skin, a very nice feeling. I spotted a boat and a wooden dock ahead of us. I also noticed Kiley and the boys walking towards it. I followed behind, slowly, getting nervous feeling in my stomach. I was too excited. 

     "You know, if we don't get there fast enough, he might decide to leave," Harry said from behind me. I turned around to face him, and he pointed a finger towards the dock. There stood the Irish blond I loved so dearly. I had never met him before and now I was finally going to. I had never met One Direction, but thanks to Kiley, now I had. I can't even describe how much I love her for everything she's done for me. 

    We hurried to catch up to Kiley, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. Butterflies were exploding in my stomach and I couldn't stop smiling. I was so excited. I walked along side Kiley, behind Zayn, Liam, and Louis, with Harry behind us. "There you guys are!" I heard Niall's voice call out. I felt like I was going to melt. I had to grab Kiley's hand to make sure I didn't. "Are we going fishing or something?" 

     "No... We've got a surprise for you," Louis said. Slowly, the boys part and Kiley stepped away from me. I could feel my face redden as I was left completely exposed. I gave Niall a shy wave and he lifted his brow at his friends. "Actually a surprise for both of you! Two people moping for love, well now here they are!" 

     "Look at how red their faces have gone!" I heard Harry call out from behind me. I could not believe he said that. I saw Niall shoot him a death glare. "Well come one, let's get this party started!" The boys and Kiley ushered Niall and I towards the boat. It wasn't that big, and I didn't see how all of us could fit on it. "On you two go," I heard Harry say. I felt a large hand slightly push me onto the boat, making me lose my balance and fall over. Someone fell on top of me. "Have fun! But not too much fun!" How much redder did they want me to become. 

     Whoever was on me, struggled to get up, while I just slid out from underneath them. "That was unexpected," I mumbled as I stood up and dusted myself off. I looked up to see Niall looking back at me. I felt my knees start to wobbled, making me lose some balance. Wait... was the boat moving. I looked past Niall to see Kiley and the boys waving at us, on the beach. "Oh my goodness... we are going to die!" I panicked. I started pacing back and forth. I never got sea sick, but I had a small fear of boats so I was starting to feel nauseous. 

     "Relax," Niall said, a bit hesitantly. "They'll come get us sooner or later..." He looked at me, a little worried. "Maybe we should sit and pass the time by talking or something... They might choose later." He let out a small laugh, breaking the tension. I smiled and let out a small giggle. We walked over to where the steering wheel was trapped behind walls. Niall opened the door with ease, holding it open for me. "Ladies first," he smiled.

     "Thanks," I said politely. I walked in and noticed two chairs, side by side, behind the wheel. I took a seat in one and he took a seat in the other. "So... What should we talk about?" I was usually nervous around guys, so I always tried to make myself comfortable around them by getting over my shyness and getting straight to talking. 

     "I'm not so sure," Niall said, his eyes looking out at the water through the window in front of us. "How about you tell me about yourself? Like what is your name?"

     "Oh I'm Yasamina," I smiled. "If it is hard to pronounce, some people call me Yasi, so you can call me that."

     "Yasamina... That's a pretty name," he said. I get that a lot and normally I just thank the person who said that, but since Niall said that, and since he was a boy I was practically in love with, I could feel my face burn up for like the hundredth time that day. He let out a small chuckle. "So anyways, how old are you?"

     "Oh... I just turned sixteen like two months ago," I honestly confessed. I smiled at him, a little nervous. He nodded his head and looked like he was thinking. "So... what else do you want to know? I'm a directioner... so I know a lot about you..."

     "Oh? Okay," Niall said. There was a flash in his eyes, and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. He looked at me and smiled. "How much do you know about me?"

     "You're Irish, you had braces, you like soc-I mean football, you love food, you're super funny, you're really cute too..." I looked away, feeling embarrassed. "I guess I don't know too much, but honestly I don't want to know your whole life story."

     "Hmm, you think I-I'm cute?" Niall stuttered. I had to look at him. He was looking down at his hands that were folded in his lap. He looked like he was blushing and he was trying to hide it from me. 

     "Of course! I'm freaking in love with you!" I blurted out, then quickly covered my mouth. His head shot up and he was staring straight at me. "I-I'm sorry..." I brought my knees up to me chest, trying to hide my face behind them. 

     There was a long silence before I heard Niall say, "R-Really?" I slowly looked up at him and nodded, before hiding my face again. "Wow...usually our fans fall for everyone but me... But like seriously?"

     "Yes!" I cried out, getting enough courage to look at him again. His blue eyes were shining so brightly in the sunlight that I cocked my head to the side and was mesmerized by them. "Your eyes are so beautiful..." I did not feel awkward saying that, I was known for blurting that out to people, regardless of their gender. 

     "Thanks..." he said shyly. He looked like a shy little boy. Oh gosh, I wanted to hug him so badly. "Um..." I looked down at Niall and noticed I was hugging him. Wow.

     "I'm sorry! I just wanted to hug so badly! This is my first time meeting you! Oh gosh I'm gonna have to thank Kiley a million times!" I said, backing away into my seat. 

     "Kiley?" Niall said. "Was she that other girl?"

     "Yeah, she's my best friend," I said, smiling at the floor. "She's the best. She always does great things for me and is so awesome and I love her. She knows how to make me smile especially when I feel like crap. Kiley is one of the people who practically saved me. She's an angel to me. I'm so glad to be able to call her my best friend."

     "Wow, that's really sweet," Niall said in a very genuine and friendly way. I smiled at him. 

     "Yeah, to be honest, I would do anything for her," I smiled so widely as I spoke of Kiley. "She's like a sister I always wanted, ya know? If I had to, I would be Superman just for her."

     "She means a lot to you doesn't she?" Niall asked. 

     "Yeah..." I said. "Just like One Direction means a lot to me..."

     "Oh, and why is that?" Niall asked. I looked at him. His eyes shone of interest. 

     "Um well..." I nervously responded. I furrowed my brows together, trying hard not to tear up, it was a touchy topic for me. "You guys saved me... Without you guys I probably wouldn't...I wouldn't be here..." His eyes widened in shock at what I had just said. I bit on the inside of my lower lip to distract me.

     "Oh... I see... So how did you find out about us?" he asked, changing the subject.

     "Oh well I was just on Instagram when I saw a picture of you... shirtless... eating food... Then I saw a picture of Harry on there, actually a bunch of pictures, and then pictures of all of you together and I had to see who you guys were," I confessed. "Then I saw some videos of you guys and started laughing at how funny you were... W-Well I mean all of you were! But then I listened to 'What Makes You Beautiful,'-don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I had heard it a lot on the radio and it was getting annoying... But then I clicked on 'One Thing'..." My voice died down and I looked out towards the sea, smiling at the memory. "And I knew that you guys were amazing..."

     I looked back over at Niall. He was smiling at me and it made me kind of melt inside. "That was very touching..." he whispered. "Kind of sweet really... But how come you love me so much?"

     "Well, that come right after I watched 'One Thing'," I smiled, wider than ever before. "I wanted to watch more videos of you guys so I started watching more, and in on of them you started laughing... And I really liked your laugh, it was so cute... So I found a video of just you laughing and I knew that you were the one... It had to be you, only you..."

     "It had to be meeeee! Only meeeee!" Niall jokingly sang out. I laughed and he laughed along. Then we cooled down and kind of stared at each other. "I'm glad I met you Yasamina, I really am."

     "I'm glad to have met you too Niall," I smiled, feeling a twinge of pain in my chest. I  let out a sigh and just stared at him. In a matter of seconds, he was leaning towards me and I backed away. "What are you doing?"

     "I-I was going to kiss you," Niall blushed. I felt my heart flutter. He was going to kiss me? "If you don't want to that's f-fine... I just thought..."

     "I-I'm sorry! I've never been kissed before, I-I didn't know what you were doing," I embarrassingly blurted out. "It just seems like it would look different in movies since they only give you side views..." 

     "Let's try this one more time then," Niall smiled. He leaned over towards me and I leaned over towards him. My heart was racing, I was getting scared. What if I was a bad kisser? What if I did something wrong? What if this was just a dream? I pinched myself to make sure. It wasn't a dream. I was really going to get kissed by Niall Horan. Oh my goodness.

     I felt the sparks fly through my body and my stomach to flips a his lips pressed softly against mine. I felt Niall's hands take hold of my hands as we kissed. My eyes were closed, but I opened one, just to peek at him and see if it was really Niall I was kissing. Yep, it was Niall alright. 

     "That... That was amazing," I said, looking him straight in the eyes as soon as we broke away.

     "It really was," he said back to me. He smiled at me and pushed away a strand of hair that had fallen onto my face. "Happy Valentine's Day Yasamina. I hope we can spend more of them together like this."
     "You too, and I hope we can- wait what?" I asked confused. What did he mean?

     "I want you to be my girlfriend," Niall said, shyly blushing. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

     "How loud do you want me to scream?" I asked. He looked a bit confused. So I screamed really loud. "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" I was going to have to do some serious thanking to Kiley as soon as I saw her.

- - - - -

     It was dark when we came back to the shore. Everyone was waiting for us on the beach. Louis, Harry and Liam were cuddled together in blankets, whispering to each other. Zayn and Kiley were sharing a blanket and staring up at the starry night. They looked so adorable together. Niall and I walked hand in hand over to the group. They all looked up at us with smiling faces. "So how was it?" Louis teasingly said.

     "That's between me and Yasamina, our little secret, " Niall said, winking at me. I smiled back up at him, giving his hand a small squeeze. I quickly let go though and ran over to Kiley, engulfing her into a huge hug.

     "Whoa there!" she laughed. I hugged her tighter and laughed along, tears sliding down my face. "What's wrong? Yasamina are you okay?"

     "Of course! I'm absolutely fabulous! Thanks you so much for making today happen for me!" I smiled at her. She would never know how grateful I was to have her, she was the greatest person in my life. "Thank you Thank you! A million times thank you!" 

     "Anything for you, Yasamina," she smiled. I freed her from my grip and we all stood up. 

     "How about we all grab something to eat?" Zayn said to everyone. He slipped his hand around Kiley's waist. I caught the sight of her blush and smiled to myself. I walked over to Niall and took hold of his hand. 

     "Me!" all the boys cried out loud. We all shared a laugh and started walking to the limo we were in earlier. While everyone was way ahead of Niall and I, I stopped walking and watched Niall keep walking and then turn around. 

     "Aren't you coming Yasamina?" he asked, looking at me. He looked a bit worried. "What's wrong?"

     "Nothing... Nothing could be wrong at all," I said. I was smiling so wide, causing my face to hurt a bit. I turned back once to look at the boat, to look at the ocean, to look up at the night sky, then turned my head back to Niall. "Nothing could be wrong right now." I ran up to him, his hand taking hold of mine as we walked back to catch up to the others.


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