Lost at Sea

When a 5-star cruise ship is destroyed, 15 year old Cassia gets stranded with her least favourite popstar Justin Bieber! Eventually they realise they only have eachother, and things take an unexpected turn..


1. The beginning.

We packed our bags, and were on the ship as quick as could be. I couldn't believe it, a 5-star cruise ship! This was the closest to luxury I could ever be, and god was I enjoying it! Me, Mom, Dad, and Lila my sister, all boarded the ship and got put in our own luxury cabin! I was really excited! My parents had spent years saving for this, it was the most expensive and fancy cruise line there was, and there I was, right there, inside it!
"Mooooommm..." Lila groaned as she pulled her case inside our cabin. There were fresh beds and fancy furniture, I didn't see how Lila could complain.
"Moomm, I don't want to unpack!" She said as she slumped down onto her miniature suitcase. You'd think me, being the teenager, I'd be the moody one, not my 11 year old sister.. Anyway, Lila had always been hard to impress. I don't even see why Mom and Dad wanted to take her, she just ruins everything, really..
"Unpack, Lila, or you won't get tea! Daniel, will you turn on the kettle for me? Oh, and Cassia, check the television channels will you? I'd quite like a bit of Ellen Degeneres right now." My mother demanded. Always being the money-maker of the family, she made the rules, and if we didn't abide by them, we'd get grounded and have our phones taken off us.. Even dad!
After unpacking, we just chilled out for a few hours, the ship still hadn't set off yet.. I was wondering why, when suddenly we jolted forward, and off we were. I couldn't help admiring the waves of the sea, even if it did make me feel seasick.
"What a beautiful view.." My dad said, pulling out his camera to take a picture. Lila was sat on her bed listening to Justin Bieber songs .. Ack, I hate him! He's so fake and in it for the money, I thought. Lila was ultra popular, which was surprising as she's an absolute bitch. Shame I didn't really have that many friends, I only had a few really close friends, I missed them lots but I couldn't help feeling glad I was away from all the drama of school. I had got 2 weeks off especially, just for the cruise! This was going to be the best holiday ever, even if we were just stuck inside the boat the whole time!
"Cassia, darling, take your sister around the ship will you? Maybe you could make some friends?" She ordered, with a slightly stern tone in her voice.
"Sure mom!" I replied as I picked up my bag, and spare hotel keys. "Come on Lila!" I shouted, as I made my way out the door.
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