Lost at Sea

When a 5-star cruise ship is destroyed, 15 year old Cassia gets stranded with her least favourite popstar Justin Bieber! Eventually they realise they only have eachother, and things take an unexpected turn..


2. Exploration.

I confidently walked forward, Lila just a few steps behind. We made our way out of our room, Double checking each way we went so we could find our way back. "I'm tired!" Lila moaned dramatically "Why're we walking soo far, Slow down Cass!" She added. I continued turning this way and that, completely ignoring her requests. Why was she such a lazy slag? I hated her, absolutely hated her. 

"Shut up, Will you? It's worse enough Mom and Dad bringing you, so please just stop complaining?!" I snapped, while glancing at the ship signs, telling us where to go. That must've done the trick, as Lila didn't speak another word until we got to the lobby of the ship. As soon as we arrived, both of us halted and must've stared for about 10 minutes.

"Wow..." We both whispered in unision. It was so beautiful. There were golden laced curtains, each assigned to its own crystal clear window, overlooking the waves, which were now calm.

"This Is AWESOME!" Lila shouted, as she spun around, trying to take It all in. The room was shaped as a dome, with windows also on the ceiling. It was gorgeous.. Honestly? The most beautiful room I'd ever been in. It was only then I realised a little girl was talking to me. She was tiny, she must've been about four years old. 

"Hello?!" She said In her cute tiny voice. She must've asked a hundred times because she looked slightly annoyed.

"Oh, Hi.. uhm, sorry about that.. This place Is nice Isn't It?" I said awkwardly, admiring her golden brown hair which reached her shoulders. She nodded, and stared up at me with her gorgeous eyes.

"So, Whats your name?" I asked, looking down at her.

"Im Jazmyn!!" She said brightly, as she smiled, showing half a set of teeth.

"Wheres your parents?" I asked, looking around for them, even though It wouldn't help.

"Oh, they're In the hotel room! My big brother Justin Is with me but I lost him!!" She said, almost pleading for my help.

Suddenly, a dark haired woman approached us, Grabbing Jazmyn's hand.

"Jazmyn, where have you been? Where's Justin? Gosh, Did he leave you again?!" She said with worry, as she picked her up. Jazmyn explained to the lady, who I now realised Is her mother. Jazmyn and her mother went back to the hotel room without a goodbye. Oh well, doesn't matter does It?! I pulled out my phone, unlocking It, then checking my text messages.. None. 

"Ain't I Miss Popular, eh?!" I muttered under my breath, also letting out a tiny chuckle. I then wondered where Lila Is, not because I cared, but because If I lost her, Mom would get ULTRA mad! I looked across the room and spotted her with a few other girls about her age. I knew where she was, So I entered the archway leading to the deck of the boat. The wind was strong, making my hair fly in every direction, but I didn't mind. I walked slowly to the edge of the boat, placing my hand on the railing and slightly leaning over. Not too far, because I didn't want to fall. I stared at the waves for a while, spotting dolphins and fish, but not many. I must've spent an hour or two standing there, because It was starting to get dark. I finally decided to go back inside and find Lila.


I had been searching for a while, But I finally found her at the snack bar with a slightly younger girl than her. I grabbed Lila by her arm and almost dragged her to the corridor leading to our hotel room. Our room was one of the biggest, It had three beds. One double, and two singles. I was so ecstatic I didn't have to share with Lila. Last time that happened, I ended up on the floor. 

"Come on!" I shouted, but not too loud as people could be sleeping inside their rooms. Pulling the hotel keys out my pocket, and swinging them around my fingers, I unlocked the door and rushed inside.

"Mom? Dad?" I said, as Lila came In at last.

"Where are they?" Lila asked as I wandered into the bathroom.

"They're probably at dinner or something. They'll be back soon, I'm sure." I said, as I bounced onto my bed. I checked the time on my phone. 7:30pm? Already? 

"Did you have anything to eat?" I ask Lila un-enthusiastically, with a tone indicating I couldn't care less.

"Yeah, I shared some chocolate and crisps with my friend down in the Lobby" She replied, as she pulled her laptop out of its case, and turned It on. I swear she's a robot, all she does Is sit on her lazy ass and use her phone and laptop. I can't stand her AT ALL. I have no reasons In my head as to why she has friends, she's a lump of waste.. or will be soon enough. 


I pulled my old tee and sport shorts out of my suitcase, and I hurried into the bathroom. I returned a few minutes later wearing them. I then pulled back my covers and turned off my side lamp. I was tired, and It was only 8:00pm.

"Goodnight fatarse" I mumbled as I turned my phone on silent and slid it into my pillowcase.

"Goodnight hoebag" she replied as she continued texting on her phone.

I knew this was going to be a very long night.

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