Is It Meant To Be?

This is the story of 10 best friends. Harry,Katie, Louis, Addison, Zayn, Dylan, Niall, Sadie, Liam, and Breanna. Zayn and Katie are brother and sister, and most of them grew up together. People come and go, mistakes are made, things change. At the same time, amazing things happen, things they would have never expected change their lives into something great. Whether it's good, or bad, nothing and tear these friends apart. They're meant to be. They're a family.


4. Uh Oh - Intro

Harry's P.O.V.

I think I'm in love. Ok, so now I try to look at my schedule. But when I look at it, I realize ITS NOT MINE!!!! I start freaking out! What am I going to do if I don't have my schedule? How am I going to get from class to class? What if I don't see her anymore and I don't get it back? I don't know my way around the school yet!!!



Bree's P.O.V.

He told me he was very sorry for it and walked away. When I started to walk home because I live so close to the school, I didn't even look at my schedule since I got so why not look at it now? When I look at it I though these aren't the advanced classes. Did I just do really bad last year? It couldn't be, I saw my final grade for the year and it was pretty good. The I looked at the top right corner and I saw the name Harry Styles. That's not me!!! I guess when we bumped into each other, we accidentally swapped schedules.

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