Is It Meant To Be?

This is the story of 10 best friends. Harry,Katie, Louis, Addison, Zayn, Dylan, Niall, Sadie, Liam, and Breanna. Zayn and Katie are brother and sister, and most of them grew up together. People come and go, mistakes are made, things change. At the same time, amazing things happen, things they would have never expected change their lives into something great. Whether it's good, or bad, nothing and tear these friends apart. They're meant to be. They're a family.


2. They Meet - Intro

Harry's P.O.V.

I was so mad that I bumped in to her. I thought he would recognize me and start teasing me. But I was surprised she didn't. Then I  said "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! Here let me help you." She just kept looking at me. She would not take her eye's off of me for anything. I handed her,her schedule and said " Again I am so sorry." Then walked off. Driving home, I thought about it. I mean, I thought she was very beautiful, with  red curl hair and her deep eye's. I think I'm in love.



Bree's P.O.V. (Breanna)

His voice, his hair, his everything! He was so hot! I could not look away. It was love at first sight. He handed me my schedule because we bumped into each other and dropped them. Then he told me he was very sorry for it and walked away.

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