Is It Meant To Be?

This is the story of 10 best friends. Harry,Katie, Louis, Addison, Zayn, Dylan, Niall, Sadie, Liam, and Breanna. Zayn and Katie are brother and sister, and most of them grew up together. People come and go, mistakes are made, things change. At the same time, amazing things happen, things they would have never expected change their lives into something great. Whether it's good, or bad, nothing and tear these friends apart. They're meant to be. They're a family.


10. He asked me!!!!! - Intro

Bree's P.O.V.  So me and my girls are going out to eat tonight so right now I'm getting and I'm wearing this really beautiful long, tan sweater with leggings and some combat boots with my hair curled. So we met each other there and we ordered our food like normal and I look over and see One Direction sitting in the same restutaunt as me!! Ahh! So I text Harry and say "Hey, I see you. Whatcha doin?". And we just talked about the most stupidest stuff from then on for a good 30 min. Then I told him how I felt about because I am not like one of those girls that will obsess over him. Then he said he felt the same way because he thought it was love at first sight. Then he asked me out!!!!!!! I texted bacl really fast "Yes!!!!" and I almost fell out my chair because of what just happen and luckily, my friend caught me and we all busted out laughing.

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