Is It Meant To Be?

This is the story of 10 best friends. Harry,Katie, Louis, Addison, Zayn, Dylan, Niall, Sadie, Liam, and Breanna. Zayn and Katie are brother and sister, and most of them grew up together. People come and go, mistakes are made, things change. At the same time, amazing things happen, things they would have never expected change their lives into something great. Whether it's good, or bad, nothing and tear these friends apart. They're meant to be. They're a family.


5. Finally - Intro

Harry's P.O.V.

I don't even know my way around the school yet!!! So school came around the next day and I went like I would in Miami.   I forgot to breakfast at home so I had to pick something up on the way. I went to Five Guy's and went thru the drive thru. So I have to pass by a window to get to the window were I pay, and I she that girl that has  schedule. I want to go in there and get it but I cant just randomly get out the car and stop traffic. So I just wait till we get to school. When we get to school, and I tried looking for her again. But I could not find her. So basically I all my class (or technically her's) for like half the day. Then I found her at a water fountain after lunch. I walked up to her and asked if she had my schedule and we switched back. We kept staring at each other for ever it felt like. Then I asked her for her number and she put it in my phone. So the day went on and I skipped the rest of my classes just because we y ad two left for the day.

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