Is It Meant To Be?

This is the story of 10 best friends. Harry,Katie, Louis, Addison, Zayn, Dylan, Niall, Sadie, Liam, and Breanna. Zayn and Katie are brother and sister, and most of them grew up together. People come and go, mistakes are made, things change. At the same time, amazing things happen, things they would have never expected change their lives into something great. Whether it's good, or bad, nothing and tear these friends apart. They're meant to be. They're a family.


26. Addison's POV

Addison's POV:

"EVERYONE READY!?" Dylan yelled through the whole house- of course.

We got our stuff together and got in the car. Harry drove to Bree's which was across town, so we had a few minutes to talk. 

"Should we call and tell her?" Louis asked. "We might freak her out."

"I say we go for the surprise attack" Niall stated. Defending his side. 

"But what if she gets mad? Or scared?" I said worried.

"Look, we just go in and get her, and explain everything in the car." Harry said.

No one argued with it, so I guess it was settled. I hope it works. We pulled up in the driveway, looked at each other, and bolted out of the car. We took off running to the house. Katie was the first in with Harry right behind her. We were all screaming and yelling and jumping up and down. It was complete chaos, which was used as a distraction. Liam scooped her up and within seconds we were all running towards the car. Bree's face had a completely shocked look on it. 

"OH MY GOSH GUYS I HATE YOU!!" She screamed.

My heart sank. It got completely quiet.

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