One and only

Hi this is for the compitition to meet one direction and my biteh day is close to v-day and it would be the best present ever any way thanks for vote ing if you vote for me:) the storie is about a girl that is lost with out love on v-day and so is louis and they meet at Starbucks and her best friend meets harry and weel just read and find out :) love ya all


1. The one and only

Kanani's P.O.V
Hi Kanani here! It's Valentines day I love valentines day. It's a day to celebrate love. Too bad I don't have any one to share it with. Let me kiss you! Hold on got a call. Hello. I answered. Hey girl hey. My best friend Danny said. You ready to go. She asked. Ya I'm in your drive way. Kk be right out.
Danny's P.O.V
Hi Danny here. I'm 18 I just got my drivers licenses. Me and Kanani are going to star bucks. Lets go. So what are you going to order? Mocha what are you going to order? A late kool I said. Yay we're here. I screamed. Lets go inside. ( ring ring) I hate that bell. Me too. Look it's. louis and Harry.
Louis's P.O.V
Harry look at those girls there stating at us. Lets go talk to them. Ok Harry said. Hey I'm louis and this is harry. What's your names? I'm Kanani and this is Danny. The two girls said. Do you girls want to hang out. Shure they said. We're to? we asked. The one direction store. They said.
( later that day)
Louis's P.O.V
Kanani I really like you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you will you marry me! Yes. She screamed.
Harry's P.O.V
Danny I really like you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me. Yes she screamed.
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