Playing the Player

"I honestly don't understand why you dislike me so much," Harry smirked, backing me into the wall. I let out a gasp as his body pressed against mine. I could feel his body heat radiating against me and I couldn't even mumble out an insult. "Do you still hate me?" he asked, his voice low, almost coming out as a growl. I nodded in response, not trusting my own voice. His eyes left mine, his smirk still perfectly in tact. I suddenly felt his warm lips sponging soft kisses up from the top of my chest, to the top of my neck, and up at my ear. I could hear his slow breathing as he opened his mouth. "And now?" It took me some time to respond, but I finally mustered out the word. "Always," I said, before he moved his face in front of me, crashing his lips against mine.


3. Chapter 3


-Chapter 3-


Overall, my day at Gemma's house was pretty enjoyable. Our lunch was probably the most delightful meal I have ever demolished in my entire eighteen years of living. Anne makes the best Spaghetti, I swear to god. The amount of conversation wasn't on a high level, though; it was really quiet limited. Not alot went on there, causing everything to be really awkward, which confused me alot. I have never felt this awkward at Gemma's house. Ever.

"So, hows your weekend been, Audrey?" Anne asked me, as her, Gemma, Harry, and I sat around the circle table in the dining room, silence being the loudest, main key factor now. I glanced up at her face, feeling slighty embarassed as I was in the midest of eating a mouthful of spaghetti. That obviously resulted in an extreme downfall; in this case, a string of spaghetti hanging out of the side of my mouth. I pushed it in with my fork, feeling my cheeks burning red with humiliation. Of course, this had to happen to me. I chewed my food at a quiet a rapid pace, wanting to move onto Anne's question more than anything. What made my actions even more awkward and complex was the fact that the three people before me were staring straight at me, like their eyes were buring into my soul. Maybe not quiet like that, but pretty bloody similar.

I quickly swallowed my food, holding my right hand over my mouth as I did so, not wanting the others to see a they probably weren't fond on. "It's been good," I simply stated, after I finally got my food down, which was now burning down my throat. I slipped my tongue out between my lips, slighty moistening them, trying my absolute best to ignore the burning, not-so-pleasant sensation which had now traveled down my chest. "Didn't really do that much though." I added, reaching out and getting a gentale, yet firm grip around the glass of water infront of me, further on the table than my plate. I wrapped my lips around the edge of the glass and tilted it back, my head going with it. I closed my eyes slighty as I felt the refreshing liquid race down my throat, soothing the burn, which had almost gone away on its own.

"What about you?" What did you guys do?" I asked, when Anne didn't bother to add anything else on the conversation, which wasn't realy going anywhere in the first place. I placed down the glass after taking m final sip and put my cutlery together, placing it in the middle of the china plate, signifying that I was finished. Just the basic manners that my parents taught me when I was a kid, and had been bugging me about for as longas I could remember.

I glanced around the table, waiting for the one of them to answer. When nobody spoke up, I let out a quiet sigh. So quiet that none of them heard it. This lunch was getting more and more awkward by the sencond.

All of a sudden I saw Harry sit up in his seat, from his postion before that, which was just lazy and slouched. I glanced over to se him attempting to get ready to say something. At least, I thought thast was what he was doing. He had always been socially awkward and bewildering. I sat there for a few more seconds, untill he finally spoke up. "Me and the boys had a signing yesterday, so mum and Gemma came along to help with all of the merchandise." he explained, staring down at his plate as he twirled his fork around in the multiple strings of left over spaghetti.I could tell something stronger was on Harry's mind; he never liked to miss a meal. He was alot like Niall, from his band. Niall ate practically everything, and wouldn't trade his food for anything in the world. Well, I guess harry isn't so much like Niall. But whatever; he just doesn't usually skip on a chance to eat. He is growing boy, after all.

"Oh, yeah?" I began, a slight smile growing on my face. I didn't plan on having it occur, but when it did, I looked over at Gemma who was gazing intently between Harry and I, obviously expecting some sort of reaction. A grin brokw out on her face when she noticed my small smile. I took that as a sign of making her happy for the entire day, so I slowly turned my smile into a more casual and neutral look, trying to make it look natural to Gem and Anne. I pressumed that Gemma had told her mother about Harry and I making an effort to be more urbane towards one another. I guess I had no other choice now; they both knew, so not trying to do what I had been requested to do would be a bit shallow of me. "And how did that go?" Was it fun?"

A grin grew on Harry's face as he heard my words, obviously recollecting the previous memories of yesterday in his mind. "Yeah, it was really good. A lot of people showed up and it was great fun." he said, his smile still nicely in tact. I liked it because it was a sweet and genuine smile, not a little cheeky, smart-ass smirk. I nodded my head slowly, smiling back at him. His eventually faded as he glaced up at me. It didn't vanish immediatelu, it was still there for a couple of moments. But when he realised thst the entire table was looking at him-which in reality was only three people- it faded in a nonchalent way then deliberate.

After the topic dimmed down, I , being the polite and kind guest I am. voluntered to do the dishes. I do this every time I'm at their house, and Anne finds it rude for her to agree to it, but I like to help her out. She is a single mother of two, neverthless.

But she did ask Harry to do the disheswith me, he protested against this order, of course being the stubborn teenager he is. "We've got a disherwasher," he whined. "We've also got a guest in the kitchen willing to help, so get up and give her a hand." Anne snapped back. I could practically hear the frown on her face and the venom in her voice.

A few short moments after I heard the small tussle between the two, Harry slumped into the kitchen, looking more pissed than anything. "You can go up to your room, I won't tell her," I suggested, fully expecting him to agree the minutes the wordxs left my mouth. But, instead, he stayed, shaking his head in response, pulling the plug in the bottom of the sink, running the hot water, adding the cold to it after. I let out a small sigh and shurgged my shoulders, walking over to the bench where the sink was, grapping a tee-towel from the oven rail before I stood next to Harry, preparing myself to dry the dishes after they had been cleaned.

There would be those those casual, yet ever-so-awkward moments- when out elbows would bump into each other. Well, it was more like his elbow bumping into the side of my arms. Yeah, I'm not so tall. He'd quietly apologise, looking down at me, his face as bored as ever. I'd nod my head in response. But there was one thing that sparked up a conversation.

"So, Brooks.."he began, his tone becoming more cheeky. He didn't bother to look at me. "Care to do me a favor?"


OOOOOO Harry asked her for a favor! Well feel free to leave me comments, and make sure to tell your friends about it! Also, sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I may do another chapter tomorrow. That maybe if school allows it! Well be sure to vote for it! Love ya!- Isabella :)

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