Just Believe

Marissa Cross and her sister/best friend Jessica Mornings are so close they live in the same house. They do online collage which gives them the opportunity to explore the world and still get a degree. But that's not all about them. They are obsessed about the British Boy band One Direction. Their siblings on the other hand, don't have much care for their love. While the 2 girls meet 1D out of the blue, will they start to care more for these girls? What will the siblings have in this Love Story?


8. This Declares War!

Jess' POV

"Breakfast? Please." I made the worst fake cough ever. "Dying- HEL-" *gag gag* *dead* "Ohh noooo....Jess is dead. What will I ever do with her?" Lou was so sarcastic. I talked in between breaths "Sass....Masta...." "Correction, Swag Masta... I'm the QUEEEEEN! Thank you very much." He curtsied and started dragging my by my feet into the kitchen. "The new way of transportation, DRAGGED BY FEET!" *ta taaaaa* he played on his phone. "How could anyone ever get tired of you?" I asked and laughed a bit. "I don't know...I'm just that awesome."

Marissa's POV

I woke up on the...floor? Oh god. I found Zayn and Niall on my...bed? No. Blow up matress? I don't even know. It was jiggly and...A WATER BED! I was so tired that I was annoyed because I couldn't test it. Man, me and my tiredness really pisses me off sometimes.

I got up and....fell. Let's try again. Wall, please support me. Okay, using the wall and, YAY! I can get up. My room was the 1st room you see on the left when you go up the stairs. I regret that. BOOM! "Man down, MAN DOWN!" I yelled. No, never scream when you have just woken up. "HEADACHE! NEVVAAAA!!!!" "Mari? What, are you doing?!" No one has ever seen me like this before...I think. "Me and the steps are, having a little...playdate." I started to stroke the rug that layed ontop of the hard wood floor. cover for the steps. "Dude, just get up." She said. "Yeah, I might have a little trouble with that." Bad excuse. "And why's that?" She had her hands on her hips. Jess and annoy...not a very good combo.

"Weeelllll...I got up, then fell and tried to get up but I had to use the wall so I took like a step and BOOM girl I'm down and I screamed for someone but then owwie I got a bad headache and here I am talking to you and telling you why I'm on the steps." I replied fastly. When I finished, smile!!!! She was NOT buying it. "LOU!" She screamed. What's he going to do? "She needs the new transportation idea you came up with." "Aaaahhh...." He said. Louis, transporting me to another room... "Uhh, Jess...this isn't such a-" I started saying. "I thought you couldn't get up? And besides, this doesn't take any walking..." I gave her that are-you-serious eye and she just smirked. "Take me awaaayyy take me away..." I sang.

Stumble, "Ow." Stumble, "Ow." Hits floor "OW!" "It worked!" Louis yelled and went back to the kitchen, Jess followed. "I'll just, stay here. On the nice, cold, floor. BECAUSE HE- Wait, you're a boy right? Telling a floor it's gender can be hard. I'M SORRY SWEET CHEEKS! I'll just assume you are. HE'S THE ONLY ONE KEEPING ME COMPANY!" I seriously just yelled that. Cool Mari, real cool. But who cares? Weirdness is like a talent only awesome people are gifted with.

Louis POV

It was so quiet at the breakfast table. The only thing you heard was Jess and I devouring our food. I could tell she was starving. "Hey," I tried to break this silence. Too boring for me. "let's do something today." "Sure, instead of being stuck in this house all day." She agreed. "Okay, be ready byyyy...." I looked at the time, 9:15. "by 10. If that's enough time for you." "Oh, you did not just go there!" She snapped her fingers in a Z Formation. She was so pretty when she did that. "What?" I smiled. "So, what you were saying is that girls take longer than boys to get ready?" "Possibly...okay yes." I admitted. "Oh, I'll show you, and your little eyes what girls can really do." She got up and ran upstairs. Dreamland. "THIS DECALRES WAR!" Jess yelled from her room she shared with Mari. War? This is my type of game! As I exited the kitchen, "WHAT THE HELL? Mari?! You're STILL on the floor?" Damn she was lazy. "Heeeeyyyy Louuuuu...." Mari replied. "Get a life. Please. The Queen can't tolerate this type of behavior you're causing...PEASANT!" "Thanks Louis, that helps SOOO much." This, is war.

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