Just Believe

Marissa Cross and her sister/best friend Jessica Mornings are so close they live in the same house. They do online collage which gives them the opportunity to explore the world and still get a degree. But that's not all about them. They are obsessed about the British Boy band One Direction. Their siblings on the other hand, don't have much care for their love. While the 2 girls meet 1D out of the blue, will they start to care more for these girls? What will the siblings have in this Love Story?


6. Sleepover

Louis' POV

Me, the boys, and the girls were driving to our house in Long Island. The whole ride there we just listened to our Take me Home album and practiced singing our parts. "NANANANANANANANANNAAN" I screamed while singing the bridge of Kiss You. "Yeah! So tell me girl if everytime we TOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH!!!" "You get this kind of, ru-u-uushh!" Zayn sang. "Baby say yeahy yeahy yeaaahhhhh yeahy yeah..." " And lemme Kiss You!" Harry finished off. "YOU SAID IT!" I reached over to Harry and kissed him on the cheek. "THE BROMANCE IS TAKING OVER! TAKE COVERRRRRR!" Zayn screamed and grabbed a pillow. When we got inside, there was this random yellow sponge on the TV. "What show is that?" I asked Jess while she laughed her butt off. "Spongebob!" You must sit and watch." I was grabbed by her soft hands and pulled over. "Night night night night. Night night night night" Spongebob said. "NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT!' He said faster. Sounded like the tune you hear at a baseball game.

"NI-NI-NI-NIGHT NIGHT NIGHTTTT!!! NIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT!" "Hahaha!!!" We laughed. Thanks to Jess we watched the rest of the episodes until it was over. "The Haaaassshhh Slinging Slasherrrr..." Jess said in a creepy voice. "Shut up!" I was about to hit her with a pillow until I found out, she was gone! "Jeeeeessssss.....Jeeeeesssss... JEEEEESSSSSS!" I yelled. "Niall? Mate hellooooo...." The damn dude looked like he was drunk. I heard banging on the sliding glass door. Like metal. I swerved quickly and found this odd figure standing outside banging slightly on the glass. When, well I guess it was a he, pulled over his hood, his eyes! They we're piercing red!

"JEEEEESSSSSS! MARISSA! HARRY LIAM NIALL ZAYN ANYBODY!" The awkward man broke the glass and ran up to where Jess was standing. Niall was gone, it was thundering...and Jess was like a statue. I ran up to her shaking her like crazy. "Jess? Is that you?! Snap out of it! He's gonna kill you! Jess! JESS! NO PLEASE!" Just then, SLASH! Her head was cut off and the psycho path was gone. I fell and cried. Looking at the headless Jessica lying on the floor while her head was right next to my knee. I picked it up and kissed it. "I'm sorry." I said in between gasps for air from crying and just layed there. Letting the rain get me all wet.

"Louis....Lou....dude...get up...my legs hurt. LOUIS GET THE FUCK UP!" She screamed. He just groaned. Jess kicked me in the face. "No, Noooo.....JESS!" I screamed and perked up. I was staring at him. "Nightmare?" Jess asked. "Yeah, no more Hash Slinging Slasher alright!" I replied. "Are you serious?! You had a nightmare about spongebob!? LOL LOUIS! THAT'S HILARIOUS!" "No it's not!" Louis. Seriously! 'Tell her you love her.' I sang in my head. Nooo I will not! YES YOU WILL! Man, I hope no one figures out I talk to myself. Jess gave me that face again. "What?" I asked. " A man can't think?" I nudged her. She was like in a trance. A few seconds after I nudged her she flinched. A smile grew on her face but she didn't move.

"Jess, stop you're creeping me out." I said. Her face got bright red. Like a cherry. But, a hot cherry. God, she was like a zesty pepper. Like a stove. Louis, stop watching the Potter Puppet Pals. But, I was Harry, and she was Ginny. Jess looked like Ginny. I was doing the same thing as her. Smiling. It was peace. Don't make anything else happen. Pray to god no one will ruin this moment and make it awkward. Can I possibly go for a kiss? No, yes! No. Yes! FINE! I scooched closer to her. She did the same. A liiiiitttttllleeee closer Louis. I moved in, she did to. Did Jess want this just as much as I did? 'It's a love story baby just saaayyy....yes.' I sang in my head. Looking into Jess' eyes didn't make me noticed I was leaning in for a kiss until fireworks appeared in my imagination.

This, was really happening! After everything I went through with El, Jess made me happier. Louis! Don't get yourself into this sappy stuff! She's a friend! NOT A GIRLFRIEND! Yet...Don't. Please, don't break apart Jess. Staying like that she hugged me, getting even closer than before. Hug her Lou! NOW! Don't leave the girl hangin'! I embraced her. Best. Day. Ever. And the boys didn't even bother us! No, I jinxed it! I heard a door slam and thumps down the steps. Me and Jess broke apart as fast as we could, not feeling awkward at all, unless they saw us. I turned my head towards the shadow reaching the steps. It was Harry. Eyes all puffy from crying, shirt all wet, tears streaming down his face. Harry, crying? He's too tough. But, this was too real. Harry, was crying.

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