Just Believe

Marissa Cross and her sister/best friend Jessica Mornings are so close they live in the same house. They do online collage which gives them the opportunity to explore the world and still get a degree. But that's not all about them. They are obsessed about the British Boy band One Direction. Their siblings on the other hand, don't have much care for their love. While the 2 girls meet 1D out of the blue, will they start to care more for these girls? What will the siblings have in this Love Story?


9. She's...Gone

Jess' POV

"Getting ready, bayada bop. DO DE DO DAAAA! I'M YAHDAYA GETTING READY! WOOO HOOO!!!" I sang. Me and my little songs, we get along so well. This, was going to be the best day ever. Hanging with my best friend, I get to be a total freak infront of everyone and they won't care...can my life get any better? *ding dong* "ZAAAAAAAYYYYYYNNNN!!! DOOR!"

Zayn's POV

"ZAAAAAAAYYYYYYNNNN!!! DOOR!" Jess screamed from upstairs. "I KNOOOWWW!!! I'M MOVIN' JEEZ!" As I opened the door, a strange group of kids stood at the doorstep. "Hai guys." Stalkers. Fans? I don't know. There where kids that looked like they wanted to punch me to death. "We're here for Marissa Cross and Jessica Mornings." The eldest spoke. She looked so...familiar.

Riley's POV

That man had a questioning look on his face. Speak up Ri! "Are they here or not?" I asked. I seemed so mean. At least not in my tone. "They're here, I'll go get them. Come inside. It's pouring out here." The blacked haired freak lead us into the Living Room. Was this a dream? Sparkling chandeliers hung from the ceiling, a huge flat screen TV, soft couches, my dream mansion, was right here.

"Don't sit down, that's rude." Kara said. "But look at Lia and Jason! They're jumping around like lunatics!" I almost screamed. "LIA! JASON! OFF! NOW!" Kara yelled. "Oh, my, god. Play Station, x Box, xBox 360, Wii U, WII!? Jason! This is awesome!!!!" Andrew screamed. "Don't you dare even touch that!" Kara poked Andrew before he made a run for his life. "Dang it!"

"Are you guys looking for Jess and Mari?" A blonde Irish dude asked us. "Niall?" Kara said. "Kara? Hi!" He replied and they hugged. "Should we try to get to the games?" Andrew whispered to Jason. "Don't, even think about it." She replied pointing at them. "Suckaz!" I poked Andrew in the arm. "What's wrong Niall? Lia? Riley? Guys? What are you doing here?" Marissa was so confused. "Uhm, sit down. We have something to tell you." I patted a seat next to me on the couch. Niall just stood there. I think he should know, we need a portion of his help.

Marissa's POV

"What's wrong? Is everything alright? Where's Aunt Jay?" I kept asking and asking for answers. "Maybe if you shut up we can tell you!" Andrew screamed and continued his card game with Lia and Jason. "Uhm, Aunt Jay maybe...died." Riley said. She sounded uncertain. "Ri! This isn't funny! Tell me the truth!" "MARI! That is the truth! We had to take everything out of her house! It's in a truck on the driveway. We got out everything as fast as we could." Kara said. "What does that mean?" The puzzle pieces were scattered around in my head. "Well, we were in the family room and we were playing video games when lightning hit one of those huge trees that touched the power line connected to our house and then it caught on fire. Aunt Jay was outside closing the pool but," tears started rolling down Riley's eyes, "she didn't make it." I hugged her closely to me. "Riley, it's okay. I understand how you feel. Having your mother die is the worst. "Wait, who drove the truck here?" Kara raised her hand slowly. " I might not have a license but it was worth it." She said. "You did your best. As long as you didn't break any laws." I replied with a giggle. "Mari, I'll be right back. Should I tell the boys?" Niall asked. "Yes. Thanks." "No problem, my little clover." Clover? I'm a clover to him :).

Liam's POV

*knock knock* "Yes you may enter Professor Payne's classroom of intelligence, also known as my bedroom." I said, reading my favorite book. The Red Pyramid. "Mate, it's important." Got my serious on, let's see what little Nialler needs. "Okay I'm coming. Gather up the others." I opened the door. "Oh, Niall. Good job." Everyone was standing outside my room. "Classroom of intelligence." Harry said silently. "PROFESSOR PAYNE HEARD THAT!" I pointed my teaching stick towards him. " I surrender!" "Good, now Niall, what's the news you need to tell us?" I asked. "Uh, well...Mari and Jess' aunt is...gone."

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