Just Believe

Marissa Cross and her sister/best friend Jessica Mornings are so close they live in the same house. They do online collage which gives them the opportunity to explore the world and still get a degree. But that's not all about them. They are obsessed about the British Boy band One Direction. Their siblings on the other hand, don't have much care for their love. While the 2 girls meet 1D out of the blue, will they start to care more for these girls? What will the siblings have in this Love Story?


4. No, No, NO!

Kara's POV

I got everything situated with the Josh thing and yeah...I got scared that Mari was going to tell on my mom! Thank god she didn't. When Josh left, I started getting ready for my day at the mall with Mari and Jess. As I got out of my room all prepared I heard Jess and Mari having an awkward conversation in their room. I couldn't help it but eavesdrop. 


I hope she doesn't jinx herself



Ugh god. I hope this is just a phase girls go through when you love a singer. Or in their case, a band. 

Jess: Let's go. I hope Kara isn't waiting for us. I would feel bad.

Yes! I've been waiting! Please get out of your room and let's go! Uh oh. The door started to open slightly but the girls we're still talking. I ran very quietly making it seem like I was sitting here the old time reading a random magazine. I didn't have time to look at the cover. Mari and Jess started walking down the stairs when they looked at the magazine I was reading. "Wow Kara. I never knew you read cook books. When you specifically said that you'll never cook for your life because its too much work!" Mari and Jess we're laughing their heads off and I was just sitting their, legs crossed with my eyes dimmed. "Ugh whatever let's go already! I yelled. "Hold on I need my phone how about you Mari?" Jess asked while walking up the stairs slowly. "Yeah it's on my nightstand." Mari yelled and Jess sped up a bit up the stairs. When she came back, Mari got her wallet with her car keys attached to it and so did Jess and finally! We left the house and off to the mall! When we got there, a parade of girls were blocking the entrance. "Uhm, can you? Excuse me, ya know just, MOVE PEOPLE WE NEED TO GET THROUGH!" Jess yelled. I was just laughing at her reaction to all of those girls wasting their lives standing outside a dumb door. When we finally got in, 5...hot...boys we're in a circle talking. One, hot, man kept leaning back and clapping his hands as he laugh hysterically. I turned  to Mari and Jess. They had huge smiles on their faces like they knew what was coming next. Me on the other hand, I was confused as hell...I don't know anything..."AAAAAAHHHH OMG JESS MARI WTF OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!" They both squeal. "Shut up!" I yell at them. Do they know how to CALM DOWN? Apparently not! "Guys, that might not even be them!" I finally caught on. The guys that were supposedly 'One Direction' turned around and looked at us. Jess smacked Mari in the arm because, they we're, walking towards us?! Great, just great. "Hey lads." The black haired one said. How was that possible? He doesn't look like he's British at all! Well, neither were my family, Jess, Mari, and her siblings. We came from America and moved here when my Aunt (Mari's mother) re-married. My mother wanted to be by my Aunt's side, since they we're sisters. Now, this is where my life has come to. I'm meeting the most popular band in the world that I don't even like. "Hiiiii." Mari said. Nice move cous...she shakes the, he looked Pakistan dudes hand and he did the same to Jess. I think he got my age wrong because he asked me "Why hello there love, what's your name?" "I'm Kara." I said loud and proud. Not so loud. I'm not that crazy. "How old are you?" He asked. Can I have your name at least? God. "I'm 16." I said. How old was this dude? 20? 30? I don't really care. All I know is that he's out of my life....soon. When I told this guy my age, he backed away. I think he looked relieved? I don't give a crap. He can do whatever he wants to my cousin and her best friend. Just leave me out of this. "Oh, I'm sorry loves, we didn't catch your name." The light haired one said. Now he looked more British. "I'm Marissa and this is my best friend Jessica." Mari replied. I don't think she still believes that she's meeting One Direction.

Jess' POV

Oh, my, god. Me, Mari, and Kara just met the hot and sexy ONE DIRECTION! Please, don't faint Jess...this is real and you are PERFECTLY fine! No, no, no. Shhh please shut up Jess! You shut up! Seriously! One Direction is here! Make a move! Okay okay! Jeez, look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Yeah, that was you! Right...whatever! Wow, that's nice. I'm talking to my conscious. Smooth Jess, real smooth. "Hey!" Mari blurted out, breaking the awkward silence. "Me and Jess are going to your concert tomorrow!" "Are you the ones who won the radio contest?" Harry asked. "Yeah!" I said. He-he knew about us?! EEEEEKKK!!! Is this happening?! DON'T PINCH ME! PLEASE!!! I beg my pardon...."Wanna walk around the mall together?" Niall asked. No, this isn't a dream. I was actually alive instead of sleeping. "Sureeee." I said and we walked around. When it was around lunchtime we went for froyo at this really old place. But what I learned is that the old places have better food because it's homemade. When we ordered our yogurt, Louis stuck his nose in his and it looked like something was growing off it. "Gross! Ahh no please! I surrender!" I yell. Being chased with a spoonful of frozen yogurt that he licked! "No! It's in my hair eww!" Mari yelled. "NO! AAAHHHH OH MY GOD EWWW!!! ITS IN MY HAIR ITS IN MY HAIR!" Kara mimicked her cousin. Jumping up and down screaming, Mari tackled Kara on the table. "FOOD FIGHT!" Zayn screamed. Niall grabbed me by the waist and put me over his shoulder. Harry grabbed some rope that came out of nowhere and tied my arms together behind a chair. Same with my legs. They tipped the chair down a little bit so my head was right above the dispenser of the 'Choco Chocolate' Froyo. "OH MY GOD YOU BETTER NOT!" I yelled. Struggling to get out. Harry pulled the trigger down and loads of yogurt came spitting out of the dispenser. "AAAAHH!!' I screamed. Kara was laughing her head off and high fived Zayn and Liam. "You planned this?!" I asked. Surprised by her mischievous mind. "Yep!" She replied and returned to  laughing. I think she's kind of getting to know 1D a little bit better. "So, all 3 of you are going to the concert?" asked Louis. "Oh, no. Just me and Mari." I said. "I can't I have Mid Terms." Kara didn't seem so sad in her response. I thought they were getting along pretty well. Guessing not. I could feel something... on my butt? What the? Mari was behind me taking my phone out of my back pocket and waved it up in the air. "IF ANYONE WANTS THE FAMOUS JESSICA MORNINGS' PHONE NUMBER SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!" She yelled. "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" They boys yelled. They wanted my phone number? Okay! I put Louis in as Boo Bear, Harry in as Hazza, Niall in as Nialler, Liam in as Li Li, and Zayn is as Zaynie. I know, so original but that's what I usually refer them too. No kidding, we exchanged everything. From phone numbers to e-mails, Kik usernames to Instagram. Twitter or Tumblr, Facebook to Skype. God how do they keep track of all of these websites? *fake sniff* it's for the fans. "Well, see you guys tomorrow!" Niall exclaimed. Oh my god. He winked at me. AT. ME. Dead. Thank you. I need a grave. Jessica Lina Mornings. Died because Niall Sexy James Horan winked at her. You overreact to much. No I don't! Yes, you do! No one in the entire world freaks out over one little thing as much as you. Oh, thanks Jess. No problem little Jessie. Ugh, not again! Jess, you need to stop talking to your conscious! I can't believe I do this stuff... wow.

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