Just Believe

Marissa Cross and her sister/best friend Jessica Mornings are so close they live in the same house. They do online collage which gives them the opportunity to explore the world and still get a degree. But that's not all about them. They are obsessed about the British Boy band One Direction. Their siblings on the other hand, don't have much care for their love. While the 2 girls meet 1D out of the blue, will they start to care more for these girls? What will the siblings have in this Love Story?


1. Just Go Along!

Marissa's P.O.V

"Jess! Hurry up! Dinner is ready!" It was exactly 5 days before our 1D concert. We we're so excited. My Aunt Jay told us to text her when we get to the concert ASAP because she wants to know if we got there safely. I couldn't blame her. She has to take care of her own children, my brother and sister, me, and my sister/best friend Jessica. That's about 7 kids. When my mom and my dad died from a plane crash coming home from their 1 week vacation they always took once a year, my Aunt prayed to my mother and father saying she will take the responsibility of my mother's and father's children in her hands. Of course me and Jess help out but my Uncle Jake works full time to pay the bills and my Aunt works only the night shift at the local hospital. One of those major ones where all of the people with severe injuries or sicknesses go to.

When I got everyone all at the dinner table my little sister Lia brought up what she did in school today. "Well, today me and Toby went on the swings and-" she paused and gasped. " We hugged!" Lia and my little brother Jason we're twins and they were in 2nd grade. "Aww how cute!" My cousin Riley said. She was in 6th grade while her big sister Kara was in 10th and her other older brother Andrew was in 8th. "Haha sweetie, that's called love." My Aunt Jay said. "Eww, that mushy gushy thing that helps you live and pumps blood is called love?!" Lia almost screamed. "No, that's called a heart pea brain. Love is an emotion you get for someone." Kara informed Lia. "Oh." Lia said. We all laughed.

"So, how is One Direction?" Riley asked. Me and Jess exchanged glances. "As hot as ever." We said. "How can you guys love ugly people life them?" Andrew asked. "Uhh hello, they aren't ugly. They are 5 sexy beasts." I said to Andrew. "It was a gift from the gods." Jess added. "I actually think they are quite attractive" My Aunt said. "We taught you well, young grasshopper." I said to my aunt. She just laughed. My aunt isn't old. She is 37 and is very in style. My mom was too. I'm happy about that because I can actually be seen with her in public and not be embarrassed.

"Alright me and Jess are going to finish our homework and go shopping tomorrow." I paused. I knew what my aunt was looking for. "May we please have permission to go shopping tomorrow." I added with no power in my voice. "Yes, you may. But please can you bring Kara, she needs some things. I'll give her money for her stuff and give some to you too." My Aunt Jay said. "Fine, we'll bring Kara." An idea popped in my head and I gave an evil smirk to Kara. "Under one condition." "And what's what?" Kara asked snapping some attitude. "She has to agree to come to all of the places me and Jess want to go to. THEN, she can do her shopping." I had my arms crossed and everyone was looking at me while Aunt Jay was doing the dishes. "Fine." She said. "Really?! Jess! Good news!" I ran to our room and Kara was so annoyed. "Mom!" She yelled. "Kara for gods sake! Just please your going shopping like you've asked to for a week! This is your chance you might as well take it and make the best of it!" Aunt Jay said. "Ugh whatever I'll be on facebook playing Petville if anyone needs me." Kara slumped as she stood up and walked to her room shutting the door and locking it. "Did she say, PETVILLE?! NOOOOO!!!" Jason, Andrew, Lia, and Riley screamed. "TOBUSCUS! SAVE US!!" They all ran into Andrew and Jason's room and logged onto youtube learning from Tobuscus on how to survive if someone in your family is playing Petville.

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