Just Believe

Marissa Cross and her sister/best friend Jessica Mornings are so close they live in the same house. They do online collage which gives them the opportunity to explore the world and still get a degree. But that's not all about them. They are obsessed about the British Boy band One Direction. Their siblings on the other hand, don't have much care for their love. While the 2 girls meet 1D out of the blue, will they start to care more for these girls? What will the siblings have in this Love Story?


5. How Yo Doin'?

Marissa's POV

Me and Jess we're finally going to the concert. When we got backstage....woah. Their concert was in Central Park. While Jess and i walked in, the boys looked at us and screamed "YOUR HERE! YAAAAY!"

Knowing me, I stood there while my actions take place. I could tell my face was as red as a tomato right now because it felt so warm. This usually isn't me! "Yooo...Mari." Zayn waved his hand all around my face. "You got a little...something." My face got even redder than before. "Funny you should ask...HEY! JESS!" I coughed loudly but it was obviously not real. "Bathroom, NOW!" I yelled and grabbed her arm.

"Brb...you never- AHH!" Jess screamed. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR? SOMETHING CALLED SOCIALIZING!" She screamed flailing around. "This is more important Jess!" I exclaimed. "Do I look alright? Face check!" We both observed our faces. Jess licked her finger and rubbed my cheek. "Eww, you could've atleast told me!" I backed away as she was still rubbing. "Wait. Marissa! Stop. Moving! You have too much blush!" I stopped backing up and she finished. Jess took a deep breath and began to speak. "There! You look better than before!" Was that what Zayn was maybe talking about before? I'm sure a lot of girls faces' get red when they meet them. Ugh, whatever. It's over now. "Well there they are! We we're worried sick!" Louis screamed and fainted. God, he was horrible at acting.

"Ow. Uhh helloooo.....BOYZ! THE LITTLE BOO BEAR NEEDS HELP GETTING UP!" "Oh, what a wonderful seat I see on the floor." Harry had the hugest smirk on his face. "That looks, REALLY COMFORTABLE!" Niall said louder. "Let's try it out!" They all sat on Louis. His face, stomach, legs, and all he could do was try his best to break free. "OW! LOUIS WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR! YOU BIT MY BUTT!" Harry yelled. "Mate, a dude's gotta do what a dude's gotta do to break free from you freaks I call my best friends!" Louis replied and they hugged. "Hmm.....we're forgetting someone, or...some people. Mari! Jess! GROUP HUG!" "Guys, guys...no....really. WOAH!" I was being picked up and thrown on a couch. "Does this always happen?" I asked. This couch was not comfortable. At, all.

"Possibly...okay all of the time!" Liam replied. Jess' feet were in my face. "God girl, can't you put those things somewhere else!?" I said jokingly. "Haha, no." Jess started to shove her feet in my face even more. "Gross!" I yelled and tried to get up. Instead, I was being pinned down, again. With the boys' strong arms  down, and Jess' feet locking me in, I was to weak. "MUAHAHAHAHAH! WE GOT YOU NOW MARISSA CROSS!" Louis screamed in his supposedly evil voice. "

"Uhm, excuse me boys?" A puny worker opened the door and talked very quietly. "Your concert is cancelled for tonight. A thunderstorm is going on right now and we needed everyone to find shelter. It's really bad." She said and closed the door. "Well, looks like you're staying over at our place tonight!" Zayn said. "Here, call whoever you need to and meet us, well right here." He tossed me my phone and I began to call my aunt.

"Marissa?! Is everything alright? Where are you? There's a horrible storm going on are you okay?!" She asked worried. "Aunt Jay I'm fine! I'm staying over a friends' house tonight. I'll call you tomorrow okay?! Me and Jess are here and yes, alive! Love you!" I said. "Okay as long as you're okay I'm fine. Just text me about tomorrow okay? I love you Mari. Tell Jess I do to. Bye!" Aunt Jay said and hung up. Best. Aunt. Ever.

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