Be My Valentine

Valentines Day ;) This is my first Movella, I hope you like it!!


1. Valentines Day!!

Its Valentines day, and your boyfriend Niall, is busy at work, recording an album. You've decided to go shopping with your best friends, Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor. You're super sad you don't get to spend this day with Niall, after all, you have been together for three years! It's just not right.

You walk into your favorite store- Anthropology. After you and the girls buys some stuff, you decide to head to Starbucks to grab some coffee. When you're leaving, you see some blonde hair flash by the window, and help your self from thinking of Nialler. 

"Hey Leah," Perrie starts "I've gotta run. See you ladies later?"

"Oh yeah! Sure sounds great!' you say, disappointing shes leaving. Five minutes later, Dani and El have to leave too, so you say bye and hang out by Forever 21. Today was a bust. You only got three things- a top from anthropology and shorts and a t shirt from Forever 21. You look at your clock and see its 3:45. Since it takes 15 minutes to get home you decide to leave the mall. 

When you get home, a little stand of hope speaks in your mind, thinking Nialler might be there. You know it can't be 'cause the boys won't be back for a few hours. You sit down to watch tv, then get bored when the girls never come. You decide to grab your paint stuff and head to the porch, hopeful you'll get time to work on your painting of Niall and you for your upcoming 4 year anniversary. As soon as you finish setting up your easel and paints, a car pulls in the driveway. Your hearts skips a beat, recognizing Niall's VW. He hops out of the passenger seat and sprints to the porch. You reach for a hug, but her grabs you by the waist and flips you over his shoulder, dragging you to the car. 

"Lemme down!!" you yell, secretly hoping he doesn't.  He plops you in the passenger seat. 

"I've got a surprise for you, Leah."

"What?" you say "Where are we going?" He smiles, silently.

Eventually, he pulls up into a parking spot next to a lake. 

"Here we are." Niall says. You don't see anything special. He turns to you, pulling you into a kiss. He grabs your waist as you wrap your arms around his strong arms. He dips you, like you're dancing. When you pull out of the kiss, you notice something coming towards you in the lake. A rowboat being rowed by none other than Louis Tomlinson. You laugh at his struggles to row, as you cuddle up to Niall's chest. When Louis finally reaches the shore, he's huffing and puffing. He hops out and says "All your's Sir and Ma'am." gesturing swiftly to the boat. You both get in, with Nialler rowing. Once you reach the center of the lake, He quickly stands up, making the boat rock. He rips off his shirt, and pounds his chest like Tarzan. You laugh at his childish-ness. 

"CANNONBALL!!" he screams exploding into the water. Once he is in, he grabs the side of the boat, tipping it. You cautiously lean the other way. But, Niall overpowers the boat, and soon enough you come pouring into the water.

"What the heck?!?!?!" you yell, trying to be serious. You can't keep a straight face, and its almost impossible to stay mad at Niall. He grabs you and pulls you underwater. The water is clear enough to easily see. Niall pulls something out from his back pocket. It is a small black velvet box, which he opens. A note on the inside says "Will you marry me?" attached to a gorgeous silver diamond ring. You can't believe your eyes, and run out of air when you gasp under the water. You both surface and Niall says

"Leah, I love you so much and you're the only girl in my life, Will you marry me?" 

"Yes, yes and billion times yes!!" you say. He slides the ring on your finger. "I love you so much, Nialler." You say as he pulls you into a kiss. "I love you so so much, Leah." he responds after the kiss.

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