Lacey Snow has got everything taken away from her & she has run away & everything goes down hill from there.


1. Suicide Note

April 21, 2009 

Dear Diary, For so long I've tried to be strong but I can't handle it anymore. Depression has got the best of me, my best friend has left me because she's embarrassed to be seen with someone who cuts themselves. I haven't seen Parker in the longest time. I fuck everything up & I lost him. He moved away without saying goodbye, & when I needed him the most. That's when I started cutting my wrist, my parents thought I was fine. My older brother Cory, died in a car crash just a few months ago, & they wonder why I'm so depressed. I seriously can't take it anymore. Fuck me for screwing up every single opportunity I get. Even if the plan is likely to be successful, I screw it up before someone else can. I truly do believe that this world will be better off without me.

Goodbye Diary, you were my only friend. Love Lacey Melanie Snow.  

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