Lacey Snow has got everything taken away from her & she has run away & everything goes down hill from there.


2. December 31st, 2008

10 minutes till New Years. 

"Lacey can you go buy more drinks for the party?" My mom asked. 

"Sure.. I need Cory tho" I replied

"Go get him" My mom replied

I walked up to his room & opened the door.

"Dude, we need to go buy drinks." I said as I motioned towards the door.

"Be there in a few" He replied as I got my blue vans & a sweatshirt on. Even though it was snowing it wasn't that cold. I quietly slipped into the passengers seat. The store was only like 5 minutes away, so I quickly ran into the store buying Coke & Sprite & ran out. Cory had the radio on waiting for the count down. I closed the door behind me as he started to drive.

"One more minute left" he said with his cheeky smile.

"I know, just pay attention to the road" I replied

"Okay mother." He said. I playfully punched him. The red light turned green.. 5...4...3...2...1...! "Happy New --"


BAM. Everything grew dark. I woke up to the shouting of people & a bunch of sirens. I looked up, with an IV in my arm. "What happen?" I said while I was sitting from the ambulance  "Honey, I need you to stay calm" "What?!??! What happen, where Cory?" I shuttered as I saw the paramedics put a white blanket over the gurney next mine. I looked out to see this black truck & Cory's red Ford. I started emotional braking down. He was my best friend, & now I'll never be able to see his sweet green eyes anymore. I got driven to the hospital just in case they missed any serious injuries. This is already going to be the worst year ever. Soon after I got released, the hospital called my parents, when my mom got here, she started swearing at me & saying it was all my fault. Then she attempted to hit me, but my dad held her back. I started sobbing really hard & I stood up & got dressed. While thinking to myself, maybe if I run away it might be better. I almost got up & attempted to climb out of the window. But I thought to myself again & I didn't. After I got home, I ran into my room & cried myself to sleep 

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