Mental Breaker

Leon and Briana, two individuals that worked in a top secret government sector that trains capable chosen spies into some thing more classy and dangerous. Leon is a fully qualified mental breaker, he assassinates targets swiftly and discreetly...most of the time. Then he got fired. His nemesis is the criminally famous Briana Johnson; sought out by many to complete jobs Leon would die for. But she became a fugitive after she quit the training half way and became a freelance mental breaker. With ties to the black market business she's a force to be reckoned with; What happens when they finally co-operate and join forces to take on the biggest payday ever?


1. chapter 1



Authors note- This story contains swearing and some content not suitable to minors (its not going to be any thing dirty) but even so i can't put a age range on it because i've only ever written for myself, please leave behind constructive criticism or what ever i've never published my stories online and i feel really timid okay sorry for any grammar mistakes or any thing it's a bit short but yeah i'll shut up ^^


        "Sir, can we go some where a bit more quiet" she whispered sweetly in his ear. As he took her by the arm to his suite she stole glances behind his back. Searching for someone.
       "Now stay here I'll shall take a quick shower." he ordered. "You're welcome to join~" he added on nonchalantly.
"I'll be there soon" she replied. Batting her lashes prettily as he chuckled, shutting the door behind. She walked silently to the place of entry and peeked out. "The fuck are you doing here Johnson? He's my kill okay-"
"I don't care, you know the drill right? I'll take any targets as long as I get money for it!" he retorted.
Closing the door behind her she continued on. "I can't let you have this guy, you killed the last guy which I got into a lot of shit for"
"Well join me, we can rule the world together!" he smirked cheerily.
"No way in hell" she stated.
The door opened to the target in a bathrobe gobsmacked over hearing in their conversation. They stared in shock, their mouths agape. The target stumbled back as the woman elbowed him in the chest back inside the room, her aqquaintance shut the door and waited outside patiently to finish the job.
          "Sir, we can end this quickly! Just sign here and I'll give the choice of dying by this gun" she took the gun from the holster on her thigh. "Or this garotte which i'm so excited to try out" she unwounded the wire from under her dress. His eyes followed her, still leering at her until he caught her eyes. "Look bub" he looked at her fearfully. Her hands reached behind her dress to unclasp the hooks. "I'm a dude, so stop imagining dirty old man things because it ain't gon' happen." he announced as he pulled the front of his dress to reveal the gel enhancers he used as breasts slide down, leaving behind a sculpted chest maintained by strenuous training. The target coughed and spluttered, shocked by this unveiling. As he signed the contract handing over his fortune and company Johnson burst into the room.
"We have no time to make a clean escape just take the target with you" Johnson cried out, then stared questionably at his associates visible skin and the gel enhancers on the floor.
"I'm in the middle of confronting him" exclaimed the man in a dress incredulously
A continous beep was heard, becoming more and more rapid.
"I've set off the bomb let's go!" urged Johnson
"No- wait!"
He grabbed his gel enhancers and papers. Crashing out the window of the penthouse they free-falled into the vast dark canopy of night sky, lit up by flames licking at them threateningly. The asphalt below was approaching, they was no time to activate a chute not that they had packed one.
"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DOOOO" screamed the fully grown muscular man cross-dressing.
"I DIDN'T PLAN THIS FAR, JUST DEPLOY ONE OF YOUR GRAPPLES, WAIT SORRY I TOOK THEM TO BUILD THE BOMB SORRY" confessed Johnson as they were heading straight towards the pavement in all it's treacherous glory.

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