Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


4. Why?

HARRY POV: I woke up at 6:30am I'm early cool. I threw on a white t-shirt and a beanie. I put on some jeans and walk out the door. I get into my car and start driving to school. It was Boring without Anna to ignore me. When I got to school a crowd of girls  was waiting for me. I plowed through them trying to get to my locker. When I got through Anna was there in a baby blue dress with lace up boots. She looked beautiful but she wouldn't look at me. "Hey love." She didn't even look at me she just shut her locker and walked away. I saw her walk up to a poster and sign it. I shut my locker and walked over. Auditions for the play? I could win her heart in this play! I signed my name and walked off to my class. She was back in the back with her friends laughing again. I sat down and heard," Ok class I have your assigned seats. And don't think I don't know who your friends are." Everyone groaned at the thought.She started calling out names and I ended up next to Anna, score! I looked over at her and saw she was watching me. 

Anna POV: Of course I end up next to Harry. I groan and sit down, I look at him and he looks at me. "Really Harry? Can you stop staring at me?" I whisper he looks at me and snickers. I look at the board until Harry kicks me I roll my eyes and look at him and his other foot has a sticky note on it. I read it and it said, Hey beautiful. Oh god what's wrong with him? I look away and back at the board , Harry kicks me to try to get my attention but I ignore him. Then, the bell rang I started to walk out if there but Harry grabbed my wrist. "What Harry?" He looks at me,"What did I do Anna?" I wiggle my wrist out of his grasp and walk out. He walks after me but I just ran into the girls bathroom.  I stood in their for 5 min and walked out. I ran to the auditorium for my audition. 

HARRY POV: I don't know what I did to Anna. She wouldn't even look at me ever anymore. My kick trick doesn't work anymore. I sat through Language arts with Becca and Kassie just looked at me. When the bell rang i saw Anna rushing to her locker.  When I walked up she had a smile on her face. She pulled out her phone and texted someone. Who could make her that happy? She looks at me, grabs her chemistry stuff and says," No stalling today ok?" I nod and she walks away alone. I follow her and find we have a sub in chemistry. I sat down next to her and she was doing the packet he handed out.  She was being boring today, I tried kicking her again. This time she kicked me back, hard. "What was that for?!" I said, she looked at me and said,"Just do your work Styles." She called me Styles, wow I can't believe that. After a period of kicking each other the bell rang. She ran of to lunch and I went to the auditorium.

Anna POV: I can't stand that Styles kid. All he did was flirt with me could he just stop! I found Becca and Kassie squealing. I found out Niall and Kassie were dating. I was shocked, after one day they were dating. I told them how Harry was getting on my nerves. They looked at me shocked," Your name is all over his notebook Anna. He really likes you, he isn't playing you." Kassie said. I looked at her shocked,"Really?" I said practically blushing. Becca nodded , he wrote my name over and over in his notebook. Wow that makes you feel loved, a lot. We get up from our lunch table and walk out. I was going to tell Ryan yes to hanging out this weekend (boyfriend girlfriend style). I turned the corner to go to his locker. Then, I see him, making out with Chelsea Hally. Of course he was like the others. He looks up at me and runs over. "Ryan I was going to say yes but I see your to busy locking lips with Chelsa. I thought you were different Ryan, turns out your just like the rest." I shout running away, we were dating! I replied yes to him asking to be his girlfriend 2 periods ago! I feel a hand on my shoulder, it's Ryan's,"Anna it's not what it looks like! She kissed me I love you." I look at him disgusted," Nice excuse Ryan, very clever, very bloody clever. Just go back to Chelsea. Oh, and we are done Ryan, you jerk." I run off into the stairwell and start to cry. Why?Why, Why!

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