Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


17. What to do now.

I walked out and headed for the bathroom. I locked the door and started the water. I undressed avoided my injured arm. There was no cast on it but it was bruised. I slowly unwrapped the gaze from my head and threw it away. I stepped into the shower and instantly the warm water relaxed my body. The water cascaded down my body. I used the shampoo and conditioner that said Anna on it. I must have brought it to his house. 



After the shower I looked myself in the mirror. I saw a girl with a broken smile. I have a clear memory of everything. I have no mom, dad, brother, boyfriend. But the sun will come out tomorrow like Annie always said. I dressed myself and walked out to Harrys room. No one was there so I started to walk downstairs. I saw the woman and guessed it was his mom. "The doctor called and said you have a concussion sweetie. Sorry I have to run out, Harry will take care of you while I'm gone." She says smiling. She walks out and shuts the door. Oh great alone time with Harry. I decide I will play a game. If Harry plays games why can't I? So, I drop to the floor making as much noise as I can. (Without hurting myself) and lay there. I watch through the slits of my eyes and see Harry turn the corner quietly. He looks and sees me,"Anna!" He shouts he comes over and holds me in his arm. I hold back the urge to laugh and keep a straight face. Finally I open my eyes and say,"boo." He swings me up and stands me up. "You little.." He says holding my wrist. I laugh and walk around,"Just seeing if your heart still works Styles!" I plop down on the couch. "The play is in 2 weeks!" I shout. Shit I need to run my lines again. I need to remember them. Harry followed me which annoyed me. I grabbed my script and sat on the floor. Word for word I read, memorizing it all again.




I looked over at the clock and saw it was 9:00pm. "So, Styles I'm sleeping on the couch right?" I said looking up from my script. He laughs,"You think I'm going to let you sleep on the couch? Nah your sleeping in here with me." He said pointing to the bed. I sigh and go sit on the bed. I turn my head and lay down when I feel something thrown on me. I look over and see Harry threw a tshirt and a pair of sweats over. "Here you go Anna." I smile and start to leave,"Anna you can change in here i don't mind." Harry said smirking. "Haha no Lover boy." I walked out to the bathroom and slipped out of my clothes and put his that he gave me on. I had to roll the sweat pants a couple of times so they would actually fit. I fixed the shirt and walked out back into his room. "You look really good in my clothes." I laugh and put my clothes under my backpack. I sit on the bed and lay down. Harry slips under the bed and wraps an arm around me. "No ones going to hurt you on my watch." He whispered. His body pressed against mine as he leaned to turn off the light. I moved away but Harry pulled me closer. I have no idea why I was doing this but it felt like what I would do. I finally fell asleep, after all of Harrys endless muttering to me.  

Anna POV: I woke to a light shining bright in my face. I slid out of Harrys arm and looked at the time 6:10 am, time to get ready for school my brain remided. I shook Harry awake and he jerked up. "Can't we just stay home and cuddle?" I laugh,"No Styles we aren't even dating yo." I said laughing. I went to go grab my clothes and realized they were covered in blood. Oh well, I grabbed the clothes and started to walk out. "You can't wear bloody clothes to school! Just borrow Gemma's again." I sigh and walk over to Gemma's room. Wait what did he mean by again? I shrug it off and slip on a teal dress with the combat boots I was wearing. I combed my hair out and stepped out. Harry scanned me up and down. "You look beautiful." He said putting his arms on both of my sides. I stepped back, I didn't want him touching me. I grab my backpack and head downstairs stumbling. "See Anna, you need help." He says grabbing my shoulders steading me. "Thanks," I mumble walking to the door

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