Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


6. What is wrong with my heart?

Anna POV: I can't believe it, I had feelings for that Styles kid.His curly brown hair, beautiful green eyes. That smirk........ Oh god Anna you need to stop yourself! He looks at me differently like we were in love. Oh god was I that obvious? Harry asks, " Do you want food?" I nod and we get up to go to the kitchen. He starts to make pasta and I sit down at the table. He sits down across from me and says,"Remember that question game I told you about? Well we have to finish that." Oh no, please no! He looks at me,"Question, any family?" He asks, I answer," I have a mom, brother, and sister. You?" He stumbles," A-a mom and a-a s-s-ister." "What's with all the stumbling Styles?" I question him, "I was choked up on your beauty." He smirks at me, "Shut up Harold." He got up laughing,"So, I am not Styles anymore?" He made a pouting face and I laughed at him. He went over and got the pasta out into bowls. He walked over and set it on the table. I look at him," Ok my turn to ask the question. First kiss?" I look at him, and he says, " 7th grade in a tree with Riley Caren. Your turn!" He said, I didn't want to say mine but I had to," My first kiss was in 8th grade with Ryan.." I said, I remember we were at his pool and he just kissed me. Most romantic kiss that I had until Harry. "You kissed that jerk?" Harry shouted I look at him shocked,"It was 8th grade we were best friends god Harry!" I got up and put my hands on the table. "Your not my guardian Harry, it was my choice, my life." He imitated me but he looked at me with a serious look," I'm trying to protect you from the jerks Anna.." I cut him off,"When did it get to this? Harry! I can make my own decisions in life!" I storm out of the kitchen and grab my bag and head for the door. He grabs my hand,"Please don't leave, I didn't mean to hurt you Anna." My heart was melting, trickling away until it was in his hands. What is wrong with my heart?


*very Short chapter sorry*

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