Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


12. This is awkward....

Anna POV: I pulled away from the kiss and smiled. Ryan loved me. We talked for hours about various topics. He was someone you could talk to. Soon, it was time to go and Ryan walked me home. He had his arm wrapped around me and smiling. "Whats got you so happy Ryan?" I said smiling. He looked down at me and kissed me on the lips. He mouthed you and I giggled. We stopped at the door of my flat and I got on my tip toes and kissed him. I unlocked the door and walked in. I saw Harry's things everywhere. Pictures, shirt, jacket, binder, everything. I got out a box and shoved everything inside of it. Something inside told me not to get rid of it. I shoved it in the back of my closet and heard *KNOCK KNOCK*. I walked out and looked through the peep hole. I backed away and balled my fists. Did my mom think that coming here would make everything ok? I opened the door and she stepped in. "Ash.." I stepped back. "No, now listen. You think you waltz back in here and bam everything's ok? You left me alone and only cared for your younger kids. Ha! You didn't even want me living with you! You hate me I feel it!  The moment someone actually likes me you say i'm an idiot and a dumb slut. Now yeah thats going to make me want to talk to you. Susan, everything's not ok and it won't be. But you wouldn't know because you don't listen! I know since dad died it's been hard but don't take it out on me! Can you please just go," I said choking up. I see rage build in my mom. " So, I come her to apoligize and all I get is insulted and asked to leave?" She shouts,"Welcome to my fucking world!" I shout,"Don't you that language miss!" I stare at her,"My house my rules! Since you kicked me out I have made my own rules!" I slammed my hands onto the table and stare at her. "You bitch." She whispered under her breath. I scream."If you are only here to insult me just get out! And keep the shit with ya!" I shout. She grabs her coat and storms out. I slam the door and start to cry on the ground. I can't handle this fucked up life. I heard a knock on my window and saw Kassie and Niall on the fire escape. I walked over and opened it. They came in and Kassie hugged me. "Your mom  is a bitch." She said. I look and see Niall standing there with a letter. I walk over to Niall and he hands me it. "Harry's a fucking mess Ash."I cry at the thought. I thought he cared for me. I open the letter and sit on the couch.

Dear My love,

 How should I put this? I messed the fuck up. I went out for a stupid drink with Louis to celebrate his 3 year with Eleanor. I was walking back when this girl followed me. She snuck in before i closed the door. I went upstairs and fell asleep. When I heard your book slam I woke up realizing what you had thought had just happened. I kicked her out and ran after you. 

I love you Anna. No one else can make me feel the you do. I miss you and Niall and Kassie are the messengers  of this message. Please forgive me.


I threw the letter on the ground and cried even more. Who do I believe? Who am I supose to be with.  I felt arms pick me up and looked up to see Niall. "You are coming to the studio with us. You shall not be left alone."Niall plopped me in the backseat with my phone and tissues. My lock screen was Harry posing at his photoshoot. I put my password in and let a tear escape. My backround was Harry and I at the park making duck faces. I grabbed a tissue and cried. Who would want me? The emotional wreck! I wipe the tears away and sit straight. I noticed we stopped at Becca's house. She hopped in the car and smiled at me. Good. I looked normal. We got to the studio and Becca locked eyes with Zayn.


BECCA POV: I got in the car and knew Anna hadf been crying and I knew why. I always did. It was her mom. She always tries to hide the pain she feels from her mom. The loneliness, the pain all of it. But I decided not to mention it. When, we parked I saw Zayn Malik. AKA my BIGGEGIGANTICEST crush. He slowed his pace and walked with us. He stood right next to me and I almost swooned. He stared directly at me, checking me out. " Hey Zayn! Im Becca." I said staring up at him. I stuck my hand out for a handshake. (Being the friendly person I am) He smiled and laughed, "Im Zayn, and Anna told me you are a big fan." I shot a look over at Anna and turned back. Oh god now he thinks i'm an obsessive fan girl! He stuck his hand out and shook mine. I laughed and my  brown hair flew in front of my face. "Whats so funny?" Zayn says smirking,"Well I have never really had a handshake greeting. It's just so awkward." I say giggling. I was really comfortable around him. "Well let me make it less awkward." He engulfed me in a hug. I was hugging my BIGGESGIGANTICEST crush. I pull away and smile. I turned and heard Anna keep repeating,"Are you sure this isn't a set up?" I giggle and turn back to Zayn. He face was centimeters away with his lips forming a duck face. When I turned my lips brushed against his OMG our lips just brushed. Now that was awkward but amazing. I step away running my fingers thorugh my hair."What's wrong babe?" I point to my lips and to his and say,"Awkward.." He pulled me close with his arm and said,"Is this awkward?" I shake my head and smile. The awkward has gone away.


Anna POV: "Is this a setup?" I repeated over and over while Niall and Kassie dragged me to the door. I saw Zayn and Becca were hitting it off. When the doors open Harry is standing there with flowers. "SETUP!" I shout and Niall and Kassie giggle. "Well this is awkward.." I blurt.

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