Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


5. The Play

HARRY POV: I was walking down the stairwell when I heard crying. I ran down the stairs and saw Anna sitting on the ground, crying. I kneel down and ask,"Whats wrong love?" She looks at me and says, " Harry I don't think you want to hear the drama of a girls life." I look at her, " Love I will listen to any bloody drama you have." She asks," Don't you have a class?" I hold up my nurse's pass. She tells me what happened between her and Ryan and how she was heartbroken. I say," What jerk, Anna you don't need him. " She gets up and hugs me. "Does this mean we are friends Anna?" She laughs and says, " Hold your horses Styles. Well I have to go to Study Hall." She runs off out of our hug laughing. Her laugh was so cute, she was so cute. I walked back to my class and sat down in Social Studies. I look over at Ryan in disgust, how could he ever do that to such a amazing girl! I wrote down Anna all over my notebook.  Man, I was obsessed with this girl. The next period was a bore like the one before. I was almost asleep when the bell rang. I walked out and saw people huddled around a poster. I pushed my way through and found the cast for the play on the other side. Right next to me was Anna looking for her name. Then, almost in sync we found our names at the top, Emily and Nick. Aka the leads of the play, now I can definitely win her over. 

Anna POV: Dont get me wrong I am so happy I got the lead, but Harry was the other. I walked out of the pit and went to my locker. We had to meet in the auditorium after school to start reading and blocking. I grabbed my stuff and started to walk from my locker when I bumped into Harry. "Hi Emily." He said, winking at me. I wave and go to the auditorium. I sit down in front and wait for all the others to come. Harry walks in and takes the seat next to me. Everyone takes a seat and she starts to talk," Ok so we shall be putting on a play written by the writing comity last year. There is some kissing but that is just for the leads." Oh great kissing, she hands out the scripts and I look at the scenes. There were so many love scenes with Nick! I look at Harry and he smirks at me. She finishes talking and we start reading through the play. As the play roles on so much passion and romance rolled out, it was amazing. When we finished we started to block. Harry and I watched from the sides until our scene came. We walked up onstage and went where she told us. Before we started she said," Now with the kiss you can try it out. It must be a romantic kiss too." With that we started. I wandered through the stage until I heard," Emily!" I look up and lay my eyes on Harry," Nick! Why are you still wandering with me? You deserve better!" I start to walk away when he grabs my wrist. My eyes fill up with fake tears and I look at him," Emily I'm in love with you no matter what happens between us. I will follow you no matter how far you walk!" He closes the gap between us and his lips crash against mine. It was an amazing feeling to have. He was an amazing kisser, then she yelled, "Cut! That was beautiful you too!" We walked offstage and sat down. I saw him a different way, I had feelings boiling for him that I didn't want. I look at him and he whispers," There's more where that came from love." He smirks and I slap him. The rehearsal ends but she calls is over. "You too showed passion onstage and I loved it. But, I would like to see that in your movement so I am going to need you two to do something for me." I look at her and she said," You need to see each other more often, get that romantic feeling." What?! I was not hanging out with that! She walked out before I could say no." Hey Anna! I have an idea why don't you hang out today! It would be perfect for getting romantic juices flowing." I groaned and walked out. I finally agreed after his endless nagging. My god what have I gotten myself into?

HARRY POV: She was hanging out with me! We got in my car and I started to drive. "Let's go over some scenes today Harry." I nod and pull up to my house. We get out and I see my mom wasn't home yet. Anna laid her bag in the living room and pulled out the script. I grabbed mine and went into the living room.I started to read," James, I have to find Emily even if it's the last thing I do!" I ran out of the room with my hand thrusted in the air. She giggled and I turned around, "You think this is funny Em!" I shout and she just looks at me laughing. I finally say,"Lets just continue." We skipped to the last scene of the act. " Nick how could you!" She shouts with tears filling her eyes,"It was only one kiss Em! My heart belongs to you!" I take her hand but she thrashes out. "One kiss? Is it just a kiss for you? Because it isn't for me Nick! Your just like the others why should I have even dated you!" She tries  to walk out but I grab her,"Em, please give me just one more chance. I love you." The scene ends but I won't let her go. She looks at me confused, then I lean in kissing her. I feel her muscles relax and she puts her arms around me. She pulls away looking at me,"What was that for Harry?" She asks, I look at her and smirk. She knows exactly what I would have said. She pulls out and sits on the couch. I slide right next to her but she doesn't move.She seems happy with my presence, why? We end up reading all of our scenes through. I look at her and smile,"What Styles?" She asks and I look at her,"You just look happier with me all of a sudden." She started to blush before she looked down.



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