Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


13. Setup

HARRY POV: I look to see Anna looking wonderful. Minus the red eyes and dried running mascara. She always looked beautiful. I was knocked out of my trance when I heard her shout,"SET UP!!" Niall and Kassie dragged her over and she sat down in the chair next to me. I heard her mutter under her breath,"I hate you Kassie, I hate you Kassie." Kassie leaned in and said, "You will thank me later." They all walked away which left me alone with Anna. She pulled her legs up and pulled them to her chest. "Ash," I say trying to break the ice. "No, don't start like my mom does. I read the letter. I don't know what to say." She says looking up at me. She stands up and continues," Your the only one that knows what happened between me and my mom. You know all my secrets. Harry, I couldn't throw away your stuff at my house. Something told me not to." I look at her shocked. She kept my stuff! She sits back down and pulls her knees back into her chest. "Ash, what's wrong, I saw the mascara marks on your cheeks." She curses under her breath. She lays down and pulls a pillow in front of her face. "C'mon love." I say shaking her. I heard her say no! And smile, I missed the sassy girl I met the first day of school. 

Anna POV: Harry's eyes were so beautiful, I wanted to stare into them all day. But, I needed to keep my guard up. My heart couldn't handle another heart break. I put the pillow in front of my face and felt his masculine hand start to shake me. I had no escape of him. I was stuck. Oh no this can't be good.

BECCA POV: I was chatting with Liam when Zayn walked over and took my hand. I stumbled and finally found my balance and  caught up. "Hey Zayn!" I said smiling. He smiled back and pulled me into a room. I sat on the couch and he sat next to me. I turned and neatly pulled my legs together and sat crisscrossed. "Do you think Anna and Harry will get back together?" I say staring at my hands. He put his hand around my chin and pulled my head up to face him. "Is this awkward?" Zayn says pulling my face closer. I feel my face warm up and I bite my lip. I feel him pulling me closer until we are centimeters apart. " Did I mention your beautiful?" With that his lips crashed against mine. I felt the room explode with fireworks. The pain trickled away. I pulled away and smiled,"Your a great kisser Zayn." He smiled but one question stayed in my head. I was going to ask but he pulled me back into the kiss. I heard,"OOOO ZAYN AND BECCA JUST KISSED!" Louis shouted and made a kissy face. I giggled and felt my face go red. Zayn laughs and stands up. He holds out his hand and I take it. I smile and we walk out. How did I get this lucky!? When we walk out we see Niall and Kassie are missing, probably kissing. I peek around the corner and see only Harry looking behind the couch. Anna must have went behind the couch. This was the funniest setup I have ever seen. I didn't notice Zayn was still holding my hand tight. I turn and see him talking to Louis but still holding my hand. I blush and turn back to watch how this setup unfolds. 

Anna POV: I jumped behind the couch and hid from Harry. "Anna?" He said coming back. I slowed my breathing and wanted to stay laying on the ground. Then, I felt a body fall on me. I kept the pillow in front of my face, not wanting for him to see my face. It looked like crap and I hate it. Then I felt hands wrap around the pillow and pull it away. I quickly placed my hands over my face and shook my head. "Why are you hiding?" Harry whispered trying to take my hands off. "No! I look horrible I'm a mess!" I shouted trying to turn. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up. "Love you look beautiful. But why are there mascara marks on your face. I pull away and walk out. I go outside and start to cry. My mother has now left a horrible memory. I started to walk then a hand wrapped around my wrist. I turn and see Harry. "Why did you walk out?" Harry said,"Please Harry you don't want to hear about my horrid life. Just go find a girl who's perfect." I said thrashing my wrist out. Harry only picked me up bridal style and said," You are perfect, tell me." I smile but frown,"Then why'd you cheat if I was 'perfect for you'?" He looks at me,"I didn't she followed me and I fell asleep." I feel a piece of hope return into my heart. "Now baby please tell me." I sighed and decided to tell him. I rambled on my story including the water works and finished. I turned away and started to wipe away the tears. "Love, I'm so sorry.. I don't know what to say, that's horrible." I laugh and say,"Yep! That's my life! June dandy isn't it! All my boyfriends cheated!" He stops me there, puts me down and grabs my wrists, giving me a stern look,"I did not cheat on you Anna and stop saying that." I pull away laughing and start to walk off. Then, I feel the ran pour down. "Woohoo!" I shouted, today was a horrid day. Why did everyone say you deserve better when no one can give it to you? I feel to arms wrap around my waist. I didn't bother to turn because I knew it was Harry. But instead he turned my head. Before I could react his lips crashed against mine. We were kissing in the rain, something I found really romantic. Harry picked me up and swung me around. I giggled and smiled. He put me down and I ran away,"Catch me if you can!" I shout and see him pick up his pace. I sprint around a car and kneel. I wait and listen to the footsteps, before I realize he grabs my waist and swings me around. "Harry!" I scream, into the rain. He puts me down and I look at him,"Your soaked!" I shouted laughing. "So are you!" He shouts looking back at me. His eyes stayed at one part."Oh god!" I shouted knowing you can see my bra. I run in and grab the nearest towel. This was an interesting day.

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