Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


15. Hospital blues

HARRY POV: When I saw her I was about to cry. Her head was all wrapped up and her arm was in a sling. Who would do this to Anna?! I sat down and immediately took her hand. Dried blood rested on the side of her head. Her chest rose and fell silently. She was perfect, I love her. I heard someone run in. It was Ryan, panting catching his breath. "Is she ok?" He asks sitting down next to me. "Yeah but she's hurt." I respond looking over at Ryan.  "It's all my fault." Ryan says putting his head in his hands. "I asked her to be my girlfriend and then told her I was moving." Ryan's moving?! "Did she say yes?!" I ask quickly, he shakes his head. I feel a smile grow on my face. She could be mine again. Ryan had to take a call and he walked out. I squeezed Anna's hand and hoped she would be ok. I started to sing They Dont Know About us to her hoping something would hand. I felt her fingers move. I see her eyes flutter open, she's alive is all I could think about. 

Anna POV: I woke up to a room that I did not recognize. I sat up and felt a pain in my arm and head. "Anna lay back down." Whispered a curly haired boy next to me. I lauded back down and noticed he was holding my hand. Who was he? I went into my memory and searched it. Memories swirled around like a tornado. Lines for a play, a blonde haired boy. Two girls. But the curly haired boy was everywhere. Kissing, hugging, laughing, walking. It played, like a movie. Then I saw a book drop and I walk out crying. He ran out and called me but I ran away to the blonde boy. "Ow!" I shout, all the memories flood back to me. I felt like I was being shot. "Anna! Are you ok?" The curly haired boy shouted. I looked over at him. What was his name. Henry, Harrison, no no! Harold, Harry, Harry! It's Harry! "Harry! Harry!" I shout. Staring into his beautiful green orbs. "Yeah?" He said inching closer. " I remember you! But why does the memory of you
Hurt me?" I ask, sitting up even more. "Anna, it was a misunderstanding, but you didn't believe me. I just want you to be mine again." I look at him, it all makes sense. But who is the blonde boy. Another movie started, I saw him and me running out into the rain. Why are my memories such pain? I snapped out of it when the blonde haired boy ran in,"Anna you are ok!I'm glad your mine again." He said coming closer. "No, whoever you are, I know we aren't dating or anything, because the last memory won't stop playing at the sight of your face. You telling me something and me walking ou  upset. Now how do you explain that? And Harry has told me I'm single ." I point to Harry using my broken arm. "Anna you don't know my name?" The blonde haired boy asked. "Nope! Along with so many things! Like where i am! Or why my parents aren't here! So many questions float in my head it hurts! I feel like i'm going to die! Could you whoever you are please fill in the blank of what your name is?!" I shout grasping my head. Why did this have to hurt! "Ryan, my name is Ryan, and one question, did you remember Harry's name?" I nod and the supposed Ryan walked out. What a drama queen! Give me some slack! I don't have half of my memory! The nurse walked in with a clipboard. "Hello Anna! All your tests came back and they are great! You can leave today! Harry has signed up to take care of you for the time being!" I nod and she walks out. I start to get up but Harry stops me. "The nurse instructed me to put you in a wheelchair." I look at him,"No! I'm fine I don't need a wheelchair!" I whine but he scooped me up and put me into the wheelchair. "Harry? Do you know me well?" I ask looking up at him. "Yes I do Anna." He says wheeling me down the hallway. "Then it's your job to help me jog my memory!" I say, he smirks and nods. We make it to the car and he puts me in the passengers seat. He hops in the drivers seat. "I'm not completely immobile Harry. See my legs work, my arms work, i'm fine. You can drop me off at my home wherever that is." I say wiggling my legs. "Nope, doctors orders and you don't even know where you live!" Harry says driving down an unknown road. "Ugh.." I say crossing my arm(Cause the others broken). This will be a long day.



OK so I actually had a lot of fun writing this chapter!  Like the whole memory loss thing. So, I am back to liking the idea of this book:) But do you guys?


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