Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


3. Harry's House

Anna POV: I hopped in the passenger seat of Harry's car. I can't believe I was going over to his house. "So, Love tell me something, singer?" I look at him,"Yeah.... why?" He laughs,"We need to get to know eachother so first easy questions, then awkward questions." I look at him confused, awkward questions what does that mean? While he was driving,I pulled out the note I found in my locker it said.....

Dear Anna,

You seem so sweet I would like to meet you how about Sunday?



Why would Ryan send that to me? I shoved it in my backpack and looked out the window. "Where do you even live Harry?" He said,"We are almost there don't worry love." He pulls up to a really nice 2 story house. "My  mum isn't home so we have the house to ourselves." Oh great an even bigger reason to be scared. He unlocked the door and I walked in. His house was amazing,I was trying to take in everything when he rushed me up the stairs. He opened a door and shut it behind me. I sit down on his bed and take out the chemistry homework. "Harry come on this is the only reason I'm here." He pulls out his homework and we work in silence. Then, out of no where Harry picks me up off the floor and puts me on his shoulder,"PUT ME DOWN HARRY!!" I scream, but his disobeyed and just ran downstairs with me on his shoulder. He drops me on the couch and gets on top of me. I struggle to get free but he's losing down my arms. I try to kick free but it doesn't work. Finally I tickle his arm and he lets go. I run away and he chases after me. I shout,"Harry we need to get the homework done!" I heard him groan and say "fine." I walk in and finish the homework with him. I get his answers and start packing up. " Why are you packing up Anna?" I look at him," Because we finished our work remember? That was the deal so now I'm going to go home." He grabs my wrist," What Harry?" He takes my phone and sprints off out of the room." HARRY GIVE ME MY PHONE!" I screamed through the house.  He shouted, "You have to find me!!" Oh god, I searched behind every door, corner or spot Harry could be hiding in. Then, I walked around a corner and Harry came out of no where with no shirt on. "HARRY PUT A SHIRT ON AND GIVE ME MY PHONE!" I shouted, then he put his arms around me and kissed me. I Tried to pull away but his strong arms held me close. " Your not leaving until you give me a kiss Anna." He leaned in and kissed me but this time I let him. I put my arm around his neck and he licked my teeth with his tongue. I pull away and get out. " Harry this was a mistake give me my phone I have to leave." He handed me my phone I called Becca and asked if she could pick me up. I grabbed my bag and waited on the curb. Harry tried to stop me but I wasn't staying with him. Becca came and picked me up I saw Harry give me one last look before walking away. What have I done? 

HARRY POV: I sat on the couch shocked at what just happened. She was the first girl that didn't want to kiss. I looked out the window and watched her leave. I needed to win her heart somehow....  I lied awake all night thinking about her. I need her if I want to be happy again. Then, I finally fell asleep to the thought of Anna and I kissing. 

Anna POV: I started to cry in Becca's car. I told her what happened and just cried more. Why was I being so stupid he is being a player trying to win anyone's heart. I was a fool for falling for him. But not anymore his tricks won't stop me anymore. I got out of the car and thanked Becca I was walking home when I saw Ryan. He came walking over to me. "Hey Ryan." I said trying to look ok. He smiled and said," Hey Anna,look I'm sorry about that Harry guy." I look at him but Harry's kiss is all that comes to mind. I shook my head and replied," It's ok Ryan, um.. Can I have your number so we can text?" He smiled and wrote it down for me. I waved goodbye and headed home. Ryan was such a sweet guy. He was one of the nice jocks in our school. I have known him since we were on the same team for Basketball. I unlocked the door to my flat and called my mom. "Hello?Oh Anna how was your day sweetheart?" I told her everything and she said,"I'm sorry but it sounds like 2 guys have feelings for you. Ash I have to go take care of Jamie bye." She hung up and I started to cry. My mom never left time for me, it was always Jamie or Tyler not me. I ended up falling asleep on my couch watching The Notebook.

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