Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


18. Guy Magnet

Anna POV: I start walking and feel the unsteadiness in my body. But I still walk further than Harry. I didn't want to talk to him. I feel a hand wrap around my shoulder. I turn and see Ryan. "What are you doing here Ryan? I thought you hated me." I said looking over at him. "I was stupid Anna. I should have stayed but I was upset with myself. That I hurt you." He said, I laugh,"It's fine it wasn't your fault." I say, I find the school around the next corner and smile, oh how I missed it. Ryan hugs me and smiles,"How I missed your smile Ash." I laugh and feel a pair of eyes on me. I look back and see Harry looking at me with his green orbs. No, I won't let those suck me in. I opened the doors and Ryan helped me and whispered,"So I see you later." And walked off, Kassie and Becca came over and hugged me,"Are you ok?!" Kassie asked, I laugh and nod,"Traumatizing but I'm ok." I feel my knees buckle and someone catch me. I find Harry lifting me back up. "Sorry Kass and Becca I have to help Anna to the nurse." They nod and I wave goodbye while Harry drags me away. "Ok so why do I have to go to the nurse?" He smirks," You don't I wanted you to myself." I feel my face start to blush and I look down at my feet. I quickly shake it off,"Why?" I look at him,"Because I think you amazing." I blush even more, why do I like him? I hear the bell ring before I could respond. I start to hobble off when Thomas comes up to me. "Hey Anna." He says taking my hand. "Do you need help getting to class?" I nod and he wraps his arm around my waist and holds my hand. " so why is a football player like you, helping me?" I ask looking at me,"I think you are really cool." He says smirking. "Well here's my class bye Thomas." I say,"See you later Young." I waved and walked into class, just in time yes! So I had desks to support my weight until I got to the back. I saw Harry looking at me. "Styles the board is up there." I say pointing. He laughs and I pull out my binder.


Finally class finished and I walked out. Immediately Nick came up to me,"Hey do you need some help lovely?" I look at him,"Uh sure?" He wraps his arm around my waist and starts to walk me in the direction of the stairs. "Has anyone told you how pretty you are?" He asked smiling,"Nope." I said,"Well you are beautiful." He said smirking,"Ms. Garder for math." He said smirking,"Aka the most boring subject." He laughs and helped me in. When I walked in the classroom was a  wreck   a sub was here. Girls were gossiping boys were going crazy. But the weird thing was, when the boys saw me they looked like they were drooling. I told Nick I was fine and went to get a seat. All the girls were talking about me. What the heck happened? The sub announced,"You will be working in groups of 4 on this project." Then everyone went finding partners. None of the girls wanted to be my partners so I just Kind of sat there. But the boys realized I didn't have a partner they came over. Nick, Thomas, and Dan were the partners I chose. We all sat at a table and they fought for who would sit next to me. I questioned it but let it go. We started the project and "accidentally" someone's hand would end up falling on mine. Or there pencil would drop and I would get it. Finally the period ended and Thomas walked me out. " Thanks Thomas but I just need to go to the nurse . "He nods and turns to the nurse. "Here's my number call me." Then he walked away. What? I saw Kassie and Becca coming down the hallway to me. "Guys! Do you know why I am a guy magnet today?" I asked. Becca laughed," Now that you are single everybody wants to date you! You got top girl on the girl rating that boys do. Enjoy it!" Becca said. I was shocked? I'm top girl? Oh god now I will be like One Direction but with guys swarming me. "I will see you guys at lunch." I say and push the door open to hear Harry's voice.

HARRY POV: "It's so hard knowing she doesn't like you anymore when you like her! And now all those guys are after her." I say accepting the headache medicine. "I know it's hard Harry but it will pass, and you know She's not the only one who wants to date you." Ms. Grey said, I smile she really knew how to make me feel better.

Anna POV: I quickly grabbed the door, I didn't want Harry to know I was listening. He still likes me? Why? I shut the door and hobble to the front desk. They quickly shut up and Ms. Grey walks over,"What's up Anna?" She says leaning on the desk. "I need the pain medicine that I think was brought here?" I guess," Yes I have it right here, why don't you lay down for a minute." I nod and follow her to an empty seat. She sits down in front of me and gives me the medicine,"So how's your first day back?" She asks,"Crazy all the guys are all helping me down the hallway. I'm like a guy magnet!" I say laughing.

HARRY POV: I can't believe Anna walked in. I tried to sink down so I couldn't be seen. I didn't want her thinking I was jealous. I listened to the conversation. So she is like top girl right now? Right then I heard her get up and walk past. I sunk back and as she walked out I heard,"Bye Styles." Then she shut the door.



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