Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


16. Finding the lost memories

Anna POV: We pull up to Harry's house and he gets out.  I get out but immediately my head starts to spin and I collapse into a pair of arms."I told you Anna you need me to help you." He wraps a hand around my waist and helps me stand up straight. He holds my ok arm and we walk into his house. "Hi Harry, and Anna?" A women says turning around. "My dear lord what happened?"Harry explained the whole story and I listened intensely, I almost got raped? What the fuck did I miss? The women came over and hugged me. "You are welcome to stay her Ash." I thank her and Harry brings me upstairs. I sit on the floor and he shuts the door and sits across from me. "Ok can you tell me some things about me?" I ask staring at him. "There's a price, a kiss for every memory." Oh my lord that cheeky boy."Really? Is that the only way?" I ask staring at him. He nods,"Ugh! Fine." I say,"Ok so where are my parents and stories about them." He explained how my dad was dead and the fights my mom and I got in. I laid down letting my brain absorb the information. I held my head to make the pain less painful. I look up and see Harry over me,"Pay up love." I laugh and say,"Styles I'm immobile sorry!" He pulls me up to sitting position and kisses me. Memories come back, like a tornado. And we were stuck in the eye of the tornado as the memories whipped around. I remember how much I loved him. How much I missed his kiss. How much I didn't want that day to be true. I pull away and grasp my heart at the cold reality. I wasn't enough for a guy like him. I turn and hold my face in my hands. I'm such an idiot, thinking i could ever have a happily ever after. "What's wrong Anna?" Harry says putting his hand on my shoulder. "Uh just a lot of memories. It overwhelmed me." I said turning around. "Now I know that's not true. When you lie your left hand twitches. I find it kind of cute. But seriously what's wrong?" I sigh and look down," I really don't know, It's just.. Hmph." I say, I can't just let out all of my emotions."Alot of hard memories and feelings whooshed over me." I said staring up. "I understand its hard." He says placing a hand on my chin. "How'd we meet?" I ask staring up. "Now that's a wonderful tale. It all started at the beginning of senior year. You are my locker neighbor. I thought you were beautiful and I fell in love. But you hated me. We paired up for everything and you came over my house..." As he continued I smiled, the wonderful memories flooding in. Then, bam it hit me. He hurt me. The smile disappeared and sadness replaced. "Please stop the pain!" I said grasping my head. My head throbbed as my life played on horrible replay. Everything was back. EVERYTHING. "Anna are you ok?" Harry said picking me up. "Please just put me on a bed or something Styles." I say grasping my head. He lays me down and the pain seeps in. I was sitting where that girl sat. I cover my face and command my brain to stop. Just stop the pain. My life came back hard. I felt like I was in a fight. Being punched over and over. Finally I fell asleep.

HARRY POV: I'm really worried, Anna is in such pain. Getting memories back isn't suppose to hurt right? Is this how she has felt this whole time. I realized she didn't have anything for school. I found her key, she kept it in her phone case in a compartment. I ran out to my car and drove out. Anna will be ok, it's just the pressure of all the memories. I played the music and heard so many of our songs. It made me cry a but knowing she isn't mine. I pulled up to her flat. I unlocked the door and stepped in. Her home phone was going off and papers were everywhere. I found petals on the floor and a stem. I found our picture on the ground. I smile, us at the park duck facing. I walk into her room and remember she told she has a box of my things. I reach into her closet and slide it out. "Memories worth keeping." It read, I opened it and saw all of our pictures, my jacket, beanie, necklace. I shove it back into the back of the closet and find her backpack. I put it on my back and walk out. I slip on a book and lose my balance. I bend down and pick it up. I flipped it open, it was a photo album. I saw Anna as a little girl smiling on I'm guessing her fathers shoulders. I turned the page and saw her holding a baby. I flipped through all the pictures of her, then I saw one of her on her 16th birthday. She looked beautiful, I slipped it out and slid it into my pocket. I look and find pictures in the back. I saw her and Ryan kissing looks like at a dance. But she had it covered up. I flip and find more pictures of her. With Kassie and Becca Smiling at the ice cream parlor. More and more pictures of them. It was sweet, seeing them together. Then, I saw a picture of her hair in a messy bun smiling in her pajamas. See was so beautiful, it was so sweet. I finish looking at all the pictures and head out the door.  I jump back into the car and drive back.

Anna POV: I woke up and saw Harry was gone. I got up and went to the bathroom. I shut the door and look in the mirror. I looked horrible, wrapped up and messy hair. I unwrapped the wrap material and let it drop to the floor. Blood stained my hair, but no stitches. I felt my head, no pain. I walked out of the bathroom and back into Harry's room. I found a notebook and started to draw, what was in my mind. I saw Harrys face start to create on the page. His smirk, his dimples, stop! Anna just stop! I turned the page and started to draw, now my old mothers face appears. Why did I say old? It hit me, she abandoned me last week. I had no family, shoot. I put the notebook down and start to sing the lyrics that float in my head. I remember! I'm a lead in a play, and Harry is the other lead. That's how we fell in love really. Running lines, doing scenes. I laugh, ha a funny life I had. Suddenly the door bursted open and Harry was there with my backpack. "How are you feeling?" He asked dropping a bag on the floor. "Better, sorry for the little episodes I had Styles." I said sitting up. "It's ok and where's you gaze on your head?" I looked at him. "I took it off." Harry ran out of the room and came back with the gaze. "No! I'm fine no!" I said as he tried to out it back on. "Anna! I'm trying to help!" He said pinning me to the bed."Nooooooo!" I shouted," Almost on.. Perfect." He stepped away. I looked up and saw the ugly thing. "You will pay Styles." I look at him,"I'm going to take a shower." I said walking toward the door."I don't think it's safe!" Harry said grabbing my arm. "Honestly, I'll take the risk. " 


sorry its been so long guys!!! but i have the next 2 chapters written! So, if any of you guys want to be in the story, like i need 3 people to be the boys girlfriends and a best friend to Kassie, Becca and Anna. so comment if you are interested! (please include hair, eyes, and name thanks!!


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