Living In A Dream

When you have a dream, all you want is to succeed and get that dream. Most teenage girl's dreams involve One Direction, Anna's don't. but when Harry Styles starts to fall for her........


19. Crushes

AUTHORS NOTE! Extra long chapter!


Anna POV: I shut the door of the nurses office and hobbled to the library. I used the walls for a bit of balance. It was nice not being bombarded with boys. I made it to the library and took a seat. I looked over and I saw Nick, Thomas, and Sam studying. Man, they were actually cute! I guess I was staring too long and Sam caught my glance. He waved and I waved back. I quickly walked into the rows of books and decided to avoid an awkward situation. I pick out Harry Potter and sat down and pretended to read. "Anna," I heard someone whisper," I look up and see Sam," Hey Sam." I whisper back. He sits down next to me and smiles,"You are really pretty." He smirked,"Really?" I say smiling. "Yes, you really are." Sam said,"What are you reading?" He asked looking into my eyes. He had deep pools of blue, with dirty blonde hair. He always bit his lip when he talked to me. He is on practically every sports team, but an A+ student. I used to have a crush on him, that's why I know so much. I snap out of the trance and respond," Oh I don't really know I just Kind of picked it up. He chuckled,"I remember Softmore year I found out you liked me." He smirked,"A little secret I liked you back." My heart skipped a beat, he liked me. I used to get so nervous around him. "Wow even when I was a pimply mess? I must have been pretty damn cool." I whisper, he smirks, he looks around quickly and looks back at me. He quickly kissed me on the lips and whispered,"I always wanted to do that. But that is our little secret." He got up, took a random book and walked back to his table. I felt my face blush, he kissed me. I laugh and I get up and start to walk out. While stabling on every desk Thomas, Nick and Sam came to help. Thomas held my right arm, Sam held my left arm and Nick made sure everyone was out of the way. "Anna what are you doing tomorrow night?" A boy walking past asked,"Sorry busy!" I say passing through the doors. I saw everyone staring at me. I felt a bit of embarrassment wash over me. I felt Sam lean in," They are just so damn judgmental Just ignore them." I nod and I catch Harry's green orbs staring into my eyes. He put something in his locker and walk away. I find Becca and Kassie and wave goodbye to the boys. "So as you can see, I have a troop of boys now." I say as we start to walk to lunch. "I can't contain it any longer!" Becca shouted," Zayn asked me out." She whispered. So now both of my friends were dating the guys of their dreams and I was stuck single in senior year. I smile,"That's amazing! Congrats Becca. And to you Kassie how's Niall?" I ask,"Amazing!" She said smiling. We enter the lunchroom and I see a certain black-haired boy,"Zayn!" Becca shouts running over to him. " Ash the boys transferred here!" She said smiling, I put on a fake smile. More guys. I feel the eyes of judging eyes on my back. Every girl in the school hates me right now. I sigh, it's not my fault. I got my lunch with Kassie and sat down at the table. Liam and Louis joined us, I smiled they were very sweet. But I look over and my 2 best friends are off flirting with their boyfriends. I fake a smile and eat my lunch. Finally Liam breaks the silence,"Anna I need to talk to you." I nodded and followed him out. He turned to me,"Are you ok?" He asked," Not really, thanks for asking." I say pacing. "Anna I'm sorry Harry did that but he cares for you! Frankly alot." He said," Well if he cared we wouldn't be in this situation. He broke my heart. Yes I don't want that day to be true. But can I change the past? No so I'm stuck hating him."! I said walking away. I slide my hand across the lockers for balance. I turn the corner and find Harry wiping his eyes with a tissue at his locker. "What's wrong Styles." I ask opening my locker.
HARRY POV: I shove the tissue into the back of my locker. "Nothin." I say, she opened her locker and numerous notes fall out. "Shit where did all these come from?" She said picking them all up. I bent down to help her,"No. Styles it's fine just go to where you want to go. I bet a girl is waiting." I go to say something but she interrupted."I'm going to the nurse so the blasted boys stop touching me." She laughs and starts to walk off. I go to help her but she says,"Don't even think about it Styles. I'm fine. I don't need help." She picks up her pace and goes to the nurse. I go back to my locker and push aside my backpack. I see all the pictures of us at the back. I put them there so when I got my backpack I saw them and the rest of the day without her was happy. I shut my locker and walk off to the lunch room. I find all the boys sitting there and Niall's arm was around Kassie and Zayn's arm was around Becca. "I'm sorry Harry." Kassie said, I nod and droop. This is not how senior year should be. I make it out of lunch to find Anna walking with a bunch of boys. But there is one sticking strangely close to her. It was the one that was whispering to her! Oh god she's blushing at him. I think I have been replaced. I will just have to see at play practice.
Anna POV: I navigate through the hallway with my crutches. Soon boys start to trickle in around me. I see Sam push his way through and smile at me. I smile and he asks,"Do you have anything going on this weekend?" I respond," I'll have to see Sam. My weekends can be pretty crazy. And now with these crutches." I giggle," You cheeky girl." He smirks. I make it to my last class and sit in the back. 
Finally class ended and I walked of to the nurse. "Honey, the doctor dropped off this medicine that will help your concussion and steadiness." I nod and swallow I little pills. I thank her and walk out. I make to the auditorium and sit down. "Ok actors! Welcome to Tech Week!" She announced," We are going to run it from the top." We all get set but she pulls me off to the side. "Anna are you ok to practice? Because of everything that has happened?" I nod and walk to center stage. I take a deep breath and the music rolls out. The song begins and I let out the lyrics like there is no tomorrow. 
"Emily just stop running! You have to face your problems, you can't just run away!" Harry shouts. " I fall on my heels,"Nick it isn't that easy. The world hates me! Ha! Maybe even you do too! So, this is the only way for the world to move on. If I am gone." I say watching my tears stain the ground. Harry pulls me close and starts to sing the melody. His angelic voice soothes me, takes away the pains of yesterday. When he finished I looked up into his green orbs. "Em. Please don't leave." He pleaded, I push away and let my hand linger as I walk off stage. I hear applause from everyone. 
HARRY POV: I'm about to do the last scene of the show. I see Anna drift through the stage, weaving her way through the people. She sits down on the bench, my cue. "Have you seen Emily?" I ask the ensemble. Finally Nick turns to Emily. "Emily!" I shout sit on the bench with her. "Emily please listen. I love you. I have made mistakes but my feelings don't change for you. Please forgive me." I plead. "Nick... Promise you will be here." She says getting up. I respond,"I promise with all my heart." She pulls me in and kisses me. I get down on one knee. "Em.. In all this time I have known you, I felt something different. What I felt was true love. Please be mine. Will you marry me?" She nods and I pull her in for another kiss. The curtain closes and the lights go out. She pulls away and walks off mumbling. I follow her,"Are you ok Ash?" I ask,"Uh not right now." She says I nod and walk off stage.
Anna POV: No! I will not fall in love with that jerk. I sat down in the chairs next to Sarah, aka Julie, Emily's best friend. "Remarkable scene. It was amazing you and Harry really have passion for each other. I thank her but let it go. It's just acting.
We finish play practice and I walk off to find its raining. "Oh great." I mumble. I start to walk before Harry could come and get me. I hear a car pull up next to me. How could Harry catch up to me? He wasn't even out when I started walking. I turn and see its a small black Outi. That's not Harrys. They roll down the window and I see Sam. "Get in! Your soaked!" He says. I look back and see Harry pulling out. I quickly walk to the other side and get in. "Why were you at the school this late?" I ask," Weight lifting for Football. It ended early so I decided to watch the play. You had some passion with that Harry kid." He smirks, I start to blush," I have to kiss him so many times it sucks." I laugh,"Probably every guy is jealous of that." Sam looks at me."I wouldn't be. Because I saw that kiss didn't mean anything. Just looks like it does." Sam was deep wow. "Deep." I say, he starts laughing. Then, Love Story came on the radio. "Hey Ash, remember at the basketball party and this song came on? And how all the couples started dancing and Ryan was sick, so we had to dance so we weren't loners?" I laugh remembering it. Sam was a scrawny 8 grader and I was big for my age. "It was like I was dancing with an 8 year old!" I giggle. "And I found out that night that you had a crush on me.." He said inching closer. I remember Johnny told him. Oh I hated that kid. "But the secret was. That was the best night of my life. I really liked you." I started to blush when he pulled me in for a kiss. It was amazing. I leaned towards him and put my hand on the back of his neck. He put his hands on my cheeks pulling me closer. I felt the heat, I loved it. He pulled away and smirked. "Your a really good kisser." He said smiling. "You aren't to shabby yourself." I said
HARRY POV: When I Saw Anna get into Sams car. I was annoyed and sad I missed the chance to apologize again. I drove down the windy streets. I knew those stage kisses didn't mean anything to her. I wish they did. I wish I meant something to her. I hopped out of the car and walked up the pathway of my house. "Hello honey." My mom shouted from the kitchen. I drop my bag and walk over to the kitchen. "Hey mom." I say grabbing a coke from the fridge. "How was school?" She asked flipping around to face me. "It was ok." I said taking a big gulp of coke. "Anna?" She asked, I nodded, I felt ripped in half. Missing parts I need to function but Anna has them. I walked upstairs to my room and shut the door. I found Anna's photo I slipped into my pocket resting on the bed. I smile and pin it on my board. I plop onto the bed and find a notebook resting on the edge of my night table. I flip it open and find many scribbled out pages. I try to make out the words. I see Harry, Harry everywhere. I turn the page and see my face is drawn out on the page. I smile, she drew this yesterday, I flip the page and find a drawing of a women, it was ripped. It looked like a woman that was in Anna's photo album. It's her mom, it makes sense because of the situation her and her mom are in. I need to get my mind off Anna. I need to do some homework.
Anna POV: Sam dropped me off at my flat and I plopped onto my bed. He kissed me. It's just one of those things that when a jock kisses you, you feel special. I felt my phone buzz, Becca.
Becca: OMG Zayn is so dreamy
Anna: So you had fun?
Becca: yes! He even kissed me on the cheek! 
Anna: lucky becca!
Becca: oh got to go! Zayn and I are going to watch a movie!
Anna: ok have fun! 
I let breath out. At least she has the man of her dreams. I was glad I finished my homework at play practice. I turned on the tv and felt my phone buzz again. This time it was Louis. 
Louis: Come over to my house! Liam and I are having a movie marathon! Bring your backpack!
Anna: ok!
I knew that meant all-nighter. I grabbed my backpack plus a my favorite t-shirt with a pair of too big sweatpants. I walked out and headed off to the address Louis gave me. While I was walking I got a text from Kassie.
Kassie: Niall is so cute! I love him so much!
Anna: what did he do?
Kassie: He took me to Nandos and drew hearts put of the condiments<3
Anna: Have fun! I'm off to Louis's house for a movie marathon! 
Kassie: have fun!
I tucked my phone into my pocket and turned 1 more block and found Louis's flat. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. "Hello!" Liam said opening the door. I stepped in and saw Louis and Liam were in pajamas. "Hey Anna!" Louis said coming over to hug me. "Thanks for inviting me!" I said smiling. "Did you bring pajamas?" Liam asked,"Yes.." Before I could finish,"Get changed so we could start the movie marathon!" Louis shouts, I go into the bathroom and quickly change and roll my sweatpants up so they fit. I put my hair into bun on the top of my head and walk out into the living room. I put my clothes under my bag. "Lets watch a scary movie!" Louis shouts,"No a Disney!" Liam shouts. "Anna?" Liam asked,"I don't really care." I said, they did Rock Paper Scissors to found out with movie we will watch. Louis won, so in goes the Shinning, aka one of the movies that scares me so much. I sit down inbetween Liam and Louis and Louis places the popcorn on the table in front of us. They squish against me and the movie starts and I start to tense up. Once the movie started going at a creepy part Id either bury my face in Liam's or Louis's arm. Liam would pat my back and tell me when it's over. Finally when the movie ended I let out a breath. Louis hugged me,"You made it Anna!" I laughed, next we put in Finding Nemo. This was a favorite of Liam's . I rested my head on Liam's shoulder as the movie went on. 
Soon it was midnight and we decided to head off to bed. Liam was sleeping on the couch and Louis was sleeping up in his room. I asked for blankets but Louis refused, he said it was fine to share with him. I finally gave in and crawled into bed. I heard the light snap of and Louis whisper my name. "What?" I whisper turning over, "Are you ok? About Harry?" He asked staring me in the eye. "No," I say letting a tear escape.

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